Sinus Infection Remedy Recipe


Here is a cure for sinus infections.

Equal parts:

Tea Tree
Roman Chamomile

2 parts Jojoba carrier oil

1 cup of warm sterile saline

Or 15 drops each of the 4 essential oils and then 30 drops of Jojoba carrier oil.

Then add 2-4 drops to 1 cup of warm sterile saline in a Neti-pot. Then use the Neti-pot as per instructions.

Sinus Infection

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My father's 10+ year sinus problem was cured simply by taking plenty of vitamin C taken for 2-3 months The dose I prefer is between 1000-3000 mg /day taken for about a month period. It is important that to clear some mucus, by liquifying them, taking 500 mg of N Acetyl Cysteine a day. Taking some vitamin A, weekly dose and vitamin E twice weekly may help too, one is to control the mucus, the other is to raise the antioxidant to protect the body against weakened immunity. The other, is to stay away from carpets, they are source of fungus. If carpet is to be cleaned or disinfected, spraying with borax solution and hydrogen peroxide helps. But you have great method,thanks