Steven Greer Charged in Federal Court


Truth feeder

Federal judge to hear 'heavenly' case

Three defendants scheduled to appear before Judge Terrence Boyle in the US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina in July might just touch on close encounters of the fourth kind.

Steven M. Greer, Emery S. Smith and Deborah Foch have been charged in connection with alegedly operating a commercial venture on a national wildlife refuge.

Charges against Greer include operation of a commercial enterprise on a national wildlife refuge, trepassing on a national wildlife refuge, and violation of "daylight use only" regulation which prohibits all nighttime activities on Pea Island except fishing.

Looks like the esteemed M Greer didn't get a permit before charging people $1000 to learn to be ET ambassadors. The feds don't take nicely to using public lands for money making operations without a permit.