Sugar - The Bitter Truth


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Sugar - The Bitter Truth
Robert H. Lustig, Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF, discusses the biochemical properties of high fructose corn syrup and makes the case for why it should be considered, essentially, a poison.

His talk is focused on fructose, and goes into detail on the metabolism of it in the liver (since, unlike glucose, fructose can't be used directly by the other parts of the body). He also touches on USDA dietary recommendations, including the recent decades preoccupied with reducing dietary fat, as well as the commonly cited (kcal in - kcal out = weight change) equation and its shortcomings for addressing obesity.

This video explains how "Monsanto's high fructose corn syrup" is slowly killing us!



This is really true and I totally agree with you.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
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Although I haven't yet watched the video, ya, Monsanto and their high fructose corn syrup, for one, is essentially a poison, I agree there. Natural sugars are best for the body. We're designed to digest NATURAL sugars. Fruits, vegetables, organic anything that has sugar in it. There's no reason to modify nature to get sugars that are NOT natural and are actually harmful.

Stick to organic sweeteners such as Organic Cane Sugar.

High-fructose corn syrup, or corn sugar as it's now being called, is in almost everything. Just check out the ingredients on any product that you buy that is sweetened. It's horrible and it's killing people without them even knowing it.

People often wonder why they're sick. Why they don't feel well. Why they're tired all the time. Well, I can tell you, garbage sugars, that's a good place to start.

Oh, and the whole lowering fat thing they brought about, ya, that was a good idea, NOT. They took out the fat saying it was making us fat, which is a load of crap, and added sugar. Then, guess what, people started to get fat more, and more. Excess sugar and chemicals, and not having the balance of fat in our systems is what friggin made us fat. There was less of a problem before the problem was put in place as a solution.

Sorry, I just get so mad at this s**t, it's hard for me to stop. I could go on all night about this cuz it pisses me off so much!


The typical white sugar that is commonly available in markets is said to be a "white poison" by Japanese food and health experts. And this statement about sugar is true to much extent because the sugar has been found the main cause of many fitness and health related issues including obesity, kidney problem, liver disorder, and various other issues including blood pressure.