TED: Elizabeth Lindsey: Curating humanity's heritage


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About this talk

It's been said that when an elder dies, it's as if a library is burned. Anthropologist Elizabeth Lindsey, a National Geographic Fellow, collects the deep cultural knowledge passed down as stories and lore.
About Elizabeth Lindsey

Elizabeth Lindsey is a fellow of the National Geographic Society. Her mission: to keep ancestral voices alive by recording indigenous wisdom and traditions.

She is so right, "The planet is our canoe, and we are the voyagers, true navigation begins in the human heart. It is the most important map of all. Together, may we journey well."

Why you should listen to her:

Elizabeth Kapu'uwailani Lindsey wants the world to remember the people who came before us. The actor-turned-anthropologist has made it her mission to find, preserve and share the knowledge and traditions of indigenous populations before they disappear. She