The Conservatives in Canada are getting into the pot market - $1.3B industry

White Rabbit

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Are they finally realizing its not as bad as they say?

The Conservatives are about to implement a new medical marijuana industry on Tuesday.
They will revoke the licenses of over 4,200 small-time growers in favor of the big business approach, with gaurds and selective entry systems. Two businesses are already approved. They will supply the sick with quality pot at whatever price the market will bear (of course, make money off the ill, a conservative ploy).

The small-time growers were often growing their own weed for free and supplying other patients for less than they could have purchased the same pot on the street. Now all patients will have to pay market prices which will no doubt force the price of all pot in the country upwards.

This is so obvious a ploy to make more money for the cartels that supply Canadians with their pot. The conservatives seem to be letting their knickers show, and their connection to organized crime syndicates. (my slant on the whole issue)

$1.3B medical marijuana free market coming to Canada - Canada - CBC News