The United states Armed forces cleanes up and removes a Crashed UFO?

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Has anyone know what this could be?

The United states Armed forces cleaned up and removed a downed UFO from a woodland area. The destruction to the trees is quite apparent, as well as the UFO and the people in hazard suits monitoring of the area. The UFO rests in a crater with distinct destruction of the nearby vicinity. A non-military marked chopper is employed to lift the unidentified UFO away.

Published on May 25, 2013
Could this be real crashed UFO recovery footage?
Whilst searching for UFO related stories and footage, I found two clips depicting the apparent recovery of a crashed, artificial object. Both clips were between 47 and 50 seconds long, and showed the same scene from slightly different angles. The footage was located in old news archives from a world wide news network, with the only description being 'removal of object from crater'.
The news network stores tons of raw footage, which often gets forgotten about through the years, although they often have a detailed description. I occasionally trawl through their footage to find related material that may be of interest.
I offer this clip with an open mind, and welcome suggestions.

I this fake or real?