Toning Sneakers for Men & Women Toning Sneakers for Men & Women

Jan 7th 2011 at 11:30AM
by Veronica Harley
13 CommentsPrint this page|EmailShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on DiggShare on Lifestream.It's a new year and you may have vowed to get fit. Walking is one of the easiest ways to shed those extra pounds. You can experience a good workout with just about any pair of sneakers but toning sneakers are one of the hottest fitness trends these days. Skechers has pretty much dominated the toning sneaker industry with their popular Shape-ups (We gave them two thumbs up. See our Skechers review) and Tone-ups. Other brands like Reebok and New Balance have jumped on the bandwagon as well with sleeker designs. These toning sneakers can actually help provide a better overall workout and can tone your legs and glutes. Some brands even promise to alleviate back pain. With prices starting at $14, now is a great time to invest in a pair to jump start your fitness routine. From New Balance to Dr. Scholl's, here are a few of today's hottest toning sneakers for men and women.

Men's MW850 (starting at $84.95) -- New Balance recently introduced a few stylish toning sneakers including these lightweight 850's. This athletic sneaker is designed with balance board technology that encourages muscle activation in the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Not a fan of the blue and gray pair pictured to the right? Choose from black/gray or white/gray.
Women's WW850 (starting at $84.95) -- The sporty True Balance WW850's also feature the breakthrough balance board technology to provide superior comfort and enhanced toning when you walk. They're available in these additional colors: blue/gray, black/pink/gray, orange/gray, white/silver and gray/black.

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Men's RunTone Action (starting at $49.98) -- Enhance your run with the Reebok RunTone Action sneakers. Similar to the EasyTone, these RunTones are engineered to tone and activate your leg muscles while you run. They also come in black/silver, royal blue/white/gray/black, white/silver/comet/black and white/silver.
Women's EasyTone Freestyle Hi (starting at $109.98) -- Remember the classic Reebok high tops from the 80's? Now you can rock a similar style and get toned with Reebok's unique EasyTone Freestyle Hi. They have Balanced Ball-inspired pods on the soles that will help strengthen your legs with every step you take. We have them in these other shades: white/gold, black/white/silver, brown/gold/white and silver/white/gray.

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Men's Pace Swift Fitness Athletic (starting at $29.99) -- Champion's line of toning sneakers are affordable and sporty. The Dynamic Rocker Bottom Technology creates a natural heel-to-toe rocking motion that tones your muscles with each step.
Women's Stride Fitness Athletic (starting at $19.99) -- Aren't these Stride Fitness Athletic sneakers cute?! They have two curved pods on the soles that transfer air between the heel and forefoot, to encourage muscle toning when you walk. You'll love the variety of colors including white, bronze, lime and black/purple.

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Men's Tone-ups Trainer: Glide (starting at $69) -- Slip on these Glide's and no one will even know you're wearing toning sneakers! The Tri-Density Technology works to increase muscles, burn calories and build core strength. Don't like black/yellow? Get them in olive/gray, black, gray, white/gray, gray/navy or olive/gray.
Women's Shape-ups Toners-Ultra (starting at $56) -- These athletic sneakers have Kinetic Toning Pods on the bottom. This creates natural instability to help activate key leg muscles and burn calories. Also available in gray/lime, silver/turquoise, silver/white and silver/white/pink.

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Men's iQuest (starting at $69.95) -- Avia has been making fitness sneakers since 1979 and they've recently introduced the iQuest. They have a soft cushioning in the heel and forefoot and are supposed to feel like you're walking in sand, while toning your legs, core muscles and glutes.
Women's iBurn (starting at $59.19) -- Get a better workout with the iBurn toning sneakers. You'll burn calories to lose weight, and increase muscle tone. Choose from white/aqua or black/white/gray.

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Men's Rocker Bottom Toning Sneakers (starting at $35) -- If you're looking for affordable men's toning sneakers, you'll love Dr. Scholl's Rocker Bottom. They have faux leather uppers, gel insoles and a unique rocker shape that will tone and strengthen your legs.
Women's Gaia Personal Trainer Rocker Bottom (starting at $14) -- These Gaia toning sneakers are the least expensive on our list but don't think they are any less than the others. They boast air-pillo gel insoles for added comfort as well as rocker bottoms to firm and tone.

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