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These recordings relate to the claimed UFO abduction of logger Travis Walton in 1975.

Walton's is one of few UFO abduction cases which is supported by multiple eyewitnesses. One of a small crew clearing trees and brush in Arizona, Walton and his coworkers claimed that Walton approached a UFO, only to be struck and seemingly wounded by a beam of light which issued from the strange aircraft. His coworkers drove away in a panic. Returning with search and rescue personnel, they found no trace of Walton.

The case earned widespread publicity, and police initially suspected the UFO story was a cover-up of a logging accident or death. However, Walton reappeared after five days, claiming that he'd been onboard a UFO and that he thought only a few hours had passed.

The fact that Walton failed his first polygraph exam, and that one of his co-workers refused to take a lie detector, has led some observers to brand the case a hoax. However, Walton claimed the polygraph examiner was unethical and biased. Walton and his coworkers have continued to insist their story is true, and his coworkers who took the polygraph exams did pass them.

The motion picture Fire In The Sky was an adaptation of Walton's account.

These eleven zipped MP3s include calls to Robert Gribble's National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), interviews with Walton and a commentary by a polygraph examiner

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