UFO Sightings - Videos of 1991 Mexico Solar Eclipse

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On July 11, 1991, a total solar eclipse was visible from Hawaii and Mexico.Some of Ufology's best, yet controversial videos were taken by the citizens of Mexico. The objects in questions have been explained away by debunkers as the planet Venus or Jupiter, or other misidentified conventional flying craft.

Take a look at the evidence and see if you think that the objects in question were in fact, a planet, comet, or other atmospheric phenomena. The majority of video taken over Mexico was recorded using video cameras which were generally available to the public at the time, videocassette (VHS) camcorders.

Shortly after 1:00 PM, the eclipse began. Hundreds of camcorders and cameras were ready to document the event. As some of the waiting cameramen scanned the sky, something unrelated to the eclipse caught their eye in the darkening sky; at first the object appeared to be a small, shining star-like object.

As all eyes watched the skies, a number of videographers captured the unknown object/objects. An initial investigation into the footage taken during the eclipse listed as many as 17 different videos taken.