UK Police Kill Three with Taser, Pepper Spray

100th Monkey

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'The Metropolitan Police shocked 53-year-old Philip Hulmes to death, the third man to be killed by the British police in eight days, while trying to arrest him in Over Hulton, near Bolton.

The police broke into Hulmes's house after receiving reports that he had locked himself and intended to commit suicide. Hulmes was then tasered to death as the police officers tried to arrest him.'​


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What idiots these police are. Does that make any sense to anyone? 'Let's not let him kill himself. Let's do it for him.' Idiots. What does it matter that somebody wants to kill themselves anyway? If they can't take the pressures of this world let them go. They have that right. Who are we to say they can't? Or shouldn't?

Besides, what proof was there that he was actually doing such anyway? So, now, anyone can call the cops on anyone else with the suspicion of a 'crime' being committed and that gives the cops the right to come in and use lethal force in a situation that is not even necessarily occurring? F*** Off! Such Bullshit!

What the hell is this world coming to? F***ing police state everywhere! Bunch of f***ing crap!

Seems like most of the crimes committed these days are by those employed by our governments and higher orders. You know, Police, Federal Agents, etc. We all know that the riot provocateurs are police and such. It's been proven time and time again. Any excuse to arrest and beat people. F***ers!

We all need to stand up for each other and start caring about the world around us instead of letting it go to complete hell!