US calls for investigation of Turkey police violence

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Erdogan – Has he become over confidant?
Dear Readers, It has been quite a day. Erdogan made a huge mistake with an over response to a park closing protest in Istanbul. Some of the hard core tear gas used has ‘Make in America’ on it.

I just can’t believe that we are exporting crowd suppression material to foreign countries.

You as well hand out pistols to all the State Dept. people and say, “Go ahead and shoot yourselves now because we are going to make your jobs so miserable to do you will want to shoot yourself.”

The gaff has now sparked protests across the country at a really bad time when Turkish support for the Syrian insurgents has now revealed al-Nusra terrorists with Sarin nerve gas roaming around after the multiple car bombings. It did not take the folks there long to catch on to the Frankenstein that we created is on the loose there now.

What you are about to read below is hard to believe. John Kerry is getting out in front of the issue, for some reason, by calling for an investigation of ‘excessive use of force’ by Turkish police. Gosh…talk about getting involved in someone’s internal affairs???

Have they all gone nuts at Foggy Bottom? I can just imagine the blistering comments being made tonight by the Erdogan people about the American betrayal