US government reveals memo on killing of Americans

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Published on 6 Feb 2013

A confidential Justice Department memo reveals that drone strikes are now approved by the White House. The most controversial part of the memo says that the US government doesn't need clear evidence to justify a deadly attack on American citizens. Scott Horton of Harper's magazine joins us for more.

Published on 5 Feb 2013

On Tuesday, a confidential Justice Department memo was released revealing the legal justification for the US government to conduct drone strikes on American citizens abroad. The portion of the memo that has been getting a lot of attention is that the government does not need evidence to justify a deadly attack. NBC first got its hands on the white paper and now a group of 11 bipartisan senators are demanding answers from the Obama administration. Stephen Miles, coalition coordinator for Win without War, gives us his take on the secret drone memo.

More form the Daily Mail:

White House calls drone strikes against Americans on U.S. soil 'legal,' 'ethical' and 'wise' - even without evidence of a pending attack

The U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be ‘senior operational leaders’ of Al Qaeda or ‘an associated force,' the memo states:

The U.S. government can do so even if there is no clear evidence that the American targeted is engaged in an active plot to attack the U.S. NBC reported the news after obtaining and releasing the memo

The Justice Department told MailOnline that it would not comment on the news.

The White House is declining to explain its criteria for directing drone attacks against American citizens working abroad with terrorists following revelations that the administration requires no evidence of a pending attack to justify a strike.

'These strikes are legal, they are ethical and they are wise,' White House spokesman Jay Carney said Tuesday.

He declined to discuss in detail a newly disclosed Justice Department memo saying only that the target must be involved in ongoing plotting against the United States for a strike to be justified.

They will do whatever they feel is necessary to turn this country into a police state far worse than Stalin ever dreamed possible. If I was paranoid, I might think the government was planning to label me as a "national threat" because of my advocacy for justice and activism against the Freemason corruption that controls our government. Except the reality is, they want to label every person seeking truth, as a national threat, so they cal have the justification to assassinate all of us without being questioned.