Vivid Color Flashes at Night in NJ

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Strange Lights Flashed across the sky close to 12:30 EST in Bridgewater, NJ on 11/23/2011

Large illumination with a buzzing sound. First video is the closest the other video has three separate clips. There is some strong language in the second video.
"BRIDGEWATER — It may have looked like an out-of-this-world blast, but authorities say a mysterious glow that lit up the early-morning sky in Bridgewater today was no cause for alarm.
Some county and Bridgewater officials believe that transformer fires caused by heavy rain may have played a part in the freakish light show, although they had no definitive answers about the source of the lights.
Shortly after midnight, several Bridgewater residents reported seeing a pulsating glow in the distance that changed colors, similar to the aurora borealis. They said the lights appeared to come from the northern part of the township.
"The sky lit up like pure daylight," said 87-year-old Joseph Wing, who lives on Foothill Road. "This was unlike anything I've ever seen."
Wing said he first wondered if an explosion was responsible, but he didn't hear a blast or feel an impact that matched the intensity of the lights.
He said the glow disappeared around 12:30 a.m. It was followed by reports of power outages in the township."
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