War on whisleblowers begins!

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War on whistleblowers has started!

Published on 19 Jul 2012 by RTAmerica

It's been a full month since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange entered the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and asked the South American nation for political asylum. In the meantime, his whistleblower website has remained active, releasing 2.5 million emails linked to the Syrian government. How much longer will the site last though? RT's Abby Martin brings us the latest on Julian Assange's quest for asylum.

Published on 18 Jul 2012 by RTAmerica

As the US government claims war on whistleblowers and demands the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and others, the case of Bradley Manning has been brought to light once again. The US Army soldier who allegedly revealed government secrets has been jailed for over two years and reportedly tortured for "aiding the enemy." Pre-trial hearings are underway once again with his case, and RT's Abby Martin brings the latest from Jessup, Maryland.

Published on 19 Jul 2012 by RTAmerica

Between the ongoing legal woes surrounding WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the witch-hunt for alleged contributor Bradley Manning, the future of the whistleblower site is up in the air. Where, then, will people turn to when it comes to releasing information on the Web if WikiLeaks goes away? Par:AnoIA is the name of a new site launched by members of the hactivist collective Anonymous, and Project PM founder Barrett Brown explains just how the site is giving people a new way of releasing and researching important intelligence.

Published on 16 Jul 2012 by RTAmerica

The New York Times unveiled some findings about a major surveillance operation by the Food and Drug Administration of its own employees. In fact the Times paints an in-depth picture of the length FDA officials went to to monitor its employees' communication on every level. The FDA says it was in response to employees suspected of leaking confidential information about the safety and design of medical devices. Employees have filed a lawsuit over the issue. To talk more about this all, RT's
Kristine Frazao is joined by Jesselyn Radack, of the National Security and Human Rights and Government Accountability Project.

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