what? when? why?


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Yes, the questions have been bugging me for the past few years and at this point, I already know I won't probably have any complete answer of the whys and whens to become a targeted individual. Or maybe I can get some answers?? Through you?? I hope so.
This is the first time I get into one of these forums to find some other opinion and see what it can add to my own perspective.
I lived in Portland, OR which was where I started noticing I was getting "bugged". Literally. The weird sincronicities were getting our of hand and it shook me up to wake up...
After many things happened, I moved back to my place of origin and after reading and learning so much in these past years, I have to say I still don't get the whole picture, which I am aware I am probably not even able to. So, I moved to a different country only to notice that things happen here too...
For now, my question is to understand why "perps" (is this term correct?) get into our house?? Just to kind of remind us that they exist and program our mind to expect that or to be afraid of them? Or maybe something else?
Thank you so much.

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Hi gaia and welcome! :)

Although I can't answer the questions you have, I know that what is going on is quite real.

I've seen evidence in my own home of someone having come in while I was here, yet no one could have possibly gotten in.


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Hi Gaia, i just joined this forum also and its first time ever. Im also a targeted individual and everyounes experience is similar,but not everything one experiences happens to all of us. For instance, The perps havent came inside my home at this point, but the stalking stopped for a bit when i escaped the area, now it started again, while in he area it stated, my car and room were broke into and things missing. Long crazy story. Its nice to know im not alone. God bless you


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Hey all. I've been targeted my entire life now, but I know they whys and wherefores. Look at things like what your parents, aunts, and uncles did or do for a living. Look at your high school friends, work colleagues, and indeed the very field you work in. Look at your friends and what they do. And most of all, look at what you post online. Look also at those hidden things you think no one else knows about. Someone always knows.

You will never get off the target list, but you can make yourself very uninteresting to them. The best method is to be true to yourself, to who and what you really are, and to not make a secret of it. I'm not saying to shout it from the mountain tops, but if you give them anything to blackmail you with or to make you fear exposure, that's their leverage. Honesty and truth are your best policies.

Tee, I noticed your problem about you and your daughter. The truth and honesty thing is your solution there too. If you want healing, it won't happen until you open yourselves to it. To do that, you cannot have impervious shields up. Fear is your enemy. Come out into the light.