Whitley Strieber's Dreamland: Was 'MARS' Murdered..?

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Thursday July 12, 2012


Was Mars Murdered..?

Riveting new information about Mars this week. Why are there indications that an enormous nuclear explosion might have taken place on Mars eons ago? What caused Cydonia to look like an archaeological site? Was Mars ever earthlike? Dr. John Brandenburg lays out evidence for a huge nuclear explosion that essentially destroyed life on Mars.

Dr. Brandenburg was one of the early researchers on the Cydonia project, and is now Senior Propulsion Scientist at the Orbital Technologies Corporation.

In this wide ranging interview, he tells us what he thinks might have happened to Mars in the distant past and why it is so universally associated in human legend with war and catastrophe.

Whitley Strieber and John Brandenburg have known each other for years, ever since Whitley became involved in the Mars project and contributed the funds that made the first analysis of the Mars face, conducted by Drs. Mark Carlotto and Brian O'Leary, possible.

As never before, this interview will open a completely new door for you into Mars's mysterious past. Read John Brandenburg's book

Life and Death on Mars




Mars is considered the God of war. Obviously something had to happen there in ancient times to give it that name.