Why Is MythBusters So Scared To Go Near 9/11?


Truth feeder
Tuesday, Oct 13th, 2009

Not everything is up for discussion at MythBusters’ forums:

Why will topics of 9/11 be removed?

“The events of 9/11 will not be allowed to be debated and discussed and if they are they will be removed. The subject is sensitive and painful for us all and is inappropriate for the Mythbusters forums. We appreciate you complying with these guidelines.”

Of course, if MythBusters did, say, a three part special on the events and mysteries of 9/11, it would be the highest rating shows they ever produced.

Surely they must be tempted?

But they won’t do it. They won’t even allow discussion of the events on their forums.

Just like the Huffington Post, and DailyKos.