World bank whistleblower - Latest Karen Hudes interview Aug 17, 2014

White Rabbit

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Extremely idealistic, but she names people, places and dates.

She tells us why she believes we are going in the right direction towards fixing our world!

she claims alien or non human species are behind the banks its hard to believe her conclusion but her story makes sense on all her documentaries
Going back to the gold standard is an ignorant idea. Paper money today is backed by assets that they are created against, whether that is a mortgage or a government bond and fundamentally works just as if it was/is backed gold; the problem is who controls the creation of the money supply. If the government controls the creation of the money then the wealth goes back to the people: instead of being filtered from the people and going to the bankers.

A government nor a people can be sovereign if they are being held hostage by others who control their economies because they do not control the creation of the money that is needed to grow and/or sustain their economies and people.

The existence of the international bank of settlements is a crime against the people of the world and as long as criminals are able to continue to practice their offenses then the rest of humanity will suffer from their crimes, which are enslaving and destroying them through the stresses of the increased demand upon them through the increased demand that they are creating upon the people of the world to service their debts.

When the government controls debts of the people and its own nation, it does not need to pay increasing amounts of debt to its lenders: as one cannot owe itself interest upon debt which it creates; the results are less taxation and stress upon that nation which will enable the social fabric of such a society to have the ability to flourish so long and the nessesities of life are not withheld from men, through greed, by men who will put in danger the collective good of the whole because of the ignorant belief that having an abundance of material possessions of this world will provide any sort of happiness: while others suffer from their oppression. True lasting happiness is found in loving one's self and then loving and treating one's neighbor with the same love, care and respect as one has for themselves. Ubuntu: how can one of us be happy when the rest of us are sad; your wellness and happiness is connected to the universe around you, with which you have a symbiotic relationship.

Be happy and live for, have faith in, and create the existence which you desire to obtain.

Money is a tool of slavery: control the money and you control those, who others demand money from. While people need to labor and be contributors to providing to the needs of humanity, those who take more than others are essentially those who are living off the oppression of the rest.