[General Question?] Would you be willing to participate in this? 78,000 say yes


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Sebestian Clouth

When I first heard about it I thought well another "flakey" story, turns out its true.

Part of me says yes, but the other practical part of me says nows not the time. I'm not a very physical type person, walking is my extent of exercise, and right now I'm more or less depended upon down here. Maybe 15 years ago, who knows? I hope the people applying for this are very sure they want to do this.

There will be four selection rounds: during the first round the Mars One selection committee will move forward “the most committed, creative, resilient and motivated applicants,” said Dr. Norbert Kraft, Mars One chief medical officer.

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If I actually trusted what they were saying would happen was true then maybe sure i'd consider it no problem, but i don't. I don't trust these people in charge as far as i could throw em. idealy it sounds great but only ideally. Get the ruling forces, the people in control of this planet out of control and then I'll be willing not before. what's the true agenda? i don't trust it.
Don't know exactly what the real agenda is, but I too have a trust factor with what they say. I'd say that's why we're here. :) We try as a whole to figure out their ideas. :)
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