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Thread: Dweller on the Threshold

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    Re: Dweller on the Threshold

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    I guess that you will have to go to the initial post to catch the links properly. They don't seem to survive the copy process. I am still trying to see what point Mikado is trying to make.... other than he is upset with me.. Linda
    I am upset at you moving my posts.

    As to my response, I was attempting to show that the subject has been discussed. If you wish to discuss it here, that is not my call but I will choose if I wish to partake and my participation is the links I provided.

    You are attempting to make a mountain from a mole hill with the subject.


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    Re: Dweller on the Threshold

    Links are fixed. The discussion is fine in either thread, but it fits in this one moreso than the other. I do not split threads unless it it necessary. I don't see the necessity to split and move.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: Dweller on the Threshold

    No Mikado... I am not a moderator. But I am the one who asked for this thread on this subject. You could see by the post that Lady of Light had put up that your message belonged HERE and not where you left it.....

    You are so busy trying to put " agendas" on me that you are not even being polite.

    "I reiterate, I do not appreciate you moving my posts and then interjecting words into it without the use of "quotes" or anything else and to use a color that the only way I could read it was to highlight it. You are misrepresenting the presentation of my original post."

    Then speak up here Mikado and make your case known.

    Sorry about the color problem. I forgot that you are viewing this with the dark screen and blue disappears.... is red better? I use the lighter screen because I had that problem too. This Forum gives you several choices.


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    Re: Dweller on the Threshold

    Thank you Lady of Light for doing that. I appreciate that. Linda

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    Re: Dweller on the Threshold

    Mikado you were the one who brought up Dweller. Do not blame me or others for becoming interested enough in the subject to pursue it and certainly do not attempt to " head us off at the pass' once we start looking at the subject.

    You have said that I have misrepresented what you tried to say. Well, then.... correct me but don't just insult me and leave it at that. I am trying to get to what you were trying to say and I figured that it was worth the effort. If you don't want to participate here then don't. Its your call. But the subject is going to be explored.


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    Re: Dweller on the Threshold

    As to astral projection, go ahead, start one. I haven't much to say about it other than most individuals that claim to do/have done it haven't really. Most times it is a lucid dream state. When astral projecting for the first time, most individuals are confronted by a dweller on the threshold and this must be confronted and dealt with if anyone is to continue to astral travel.

    The Quonset Hut • View topic - In regard to misinformation by others..

    What do you mean then Mikado?. .... Confronted by a dweller? What is a dweller in your experience?

    Anyone else " confronted by a Dweller?"


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    Re: Dweller on the Threshold

    I get the impression that a " Dweller" is like a Centurion???? Guarding the Threshold????? Am I wrong???? Linda

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    Re: Dweller on the Threshold

    "The Dweller on the Threshold refers to a purported invisible and possibly malevolent entity that attaches to a human being. The term was first used by Bulwer-Lytton in his novel Zanoni.

    In theosophical literature, Helena P. Blavatsky describes it as the discarded astral double of an individual in a previous life that may not have fully disintegrated yet when that individual is reborn. Thus the dweller will be drawn to the new incarnated personality due to their affinity. Sometimes this entity is also called Guardian of the Threshold

    Dweller on the threshold - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Comments from anybody???? Linda

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    Re: Dweller on the Threshold

    So what were you doing Mikado just showing off your Theosophical learnings? Or did you actually have something to say? Linda

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    Re: Dweller on the Threshold

    Here are some of the responses that occurred on the Hut that Mikado mentioned. Its an interesting read....

    Mikado.... A question... I am kind of wondering why no one else caught this yet but you said in response to one of these threads on Astral Traveling.....

    "When astral projecting for the first time, most individuals are confronted by a dweller on the threshold and this must be confronted and dealt with if anyone is to continue to astral travel.

    Most people are confronted by a dweller on the threshold????? What do you mean by that???? Like a Guardian to the other side???? thats sort of what it sounds like.... protecting the "Portal?" Is that what you mean. You would not have mentioned that if you had not experienced that.... so if you can.... would you be able to describe that experience to your members?

    And anyone else out there? I have visions of the LivingMoons silly " Exterminator" and Eradicator" and whatever else Zorgon called them...... so what did your " dweller on the threshold seem like to you? And how does an entity earn that postition? Which seems to me is important. Linda
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    Linda Brown
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    In Astral Travelling I have heard it said that there are " Entities" that " guard the portals or the gates.... and that you have to " deal with them" before you go further. So my question rather specifically here is.... WHO are these Entities? How do they manifest themselves for Astral travellers? And what more can anyone add to this idea? Even if it is just a fanciful notion by some I think that it needs to be investigated. And if its more than that then maybe this would be a good place to talk about it.

    I am posting this also on the Hut hoping that someone who has been reading there in silence might speak up. Same thought here...

    If you have experienced anything like meeting a " Centurian" at some sort of " Portal" while you have been " traveling" can you talk to us here about that experience? This is not a thread where you have to prove the experience was real. We passed that checkpoint Charlie a long time ago. <g> Linda

    It is none of the above. A dweller is a lower vibrational being and usually appears for an opportunity, in a manner of speaking, on ill prepared travellers.

    It most definitely is not a guardian. A guardian is something else entirely

    "so what did your " dweller on the threshold seem like to you? And how does an entity earn that postition? Which seems to me is important. "

    A hideous being that was blocking my way to my body. I have since learned more about it. As to your comment about "earning" a position, it would be like saying that someone who was walking down the street and saw an open door and stood in front of it earned the position to be there. It is nothing more than the right place at the right time.


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