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    ICC refuses to investigate Vatican officials

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) has turned down a request from victims of clergy sexual abuse to investigate Vatican officials and their responsibility for the abuse of children by Catholic priests around the world. In a two-page letter dated May 31, the court told the New York-based...
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    David Icke & Bill Maloney [Anti Child Abuse Activist]

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    Child Porn 'Normal' Claim By Saturn-Worshipping Pope Sparks Outrage Among Victims

    This is just sick! Thursday, 20 December 2012 08:42 Posted by David Icke This is yet another shocking example of the attempts to 'normalise' paedophilia which I have long been warning about. After all, it is already 'normal' in the Roman Church and the crime is not what they do, but...
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    Michio Kaku wants YOU to be an android

    This guy expect us all to allow technology/AI to integrate with our minds and bodys....isn't that a system ripe for abuse!
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    Abuse report: State officials stood by as thousands were raped

    Abuse report: State officials stood by as thousands were raped - Local & National, News - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk. May 22nd, 2009 in Breaking News Irish State officials stood idly by as thousands of children were subjected to a horrific litany of physical and sexual abuse in institutions run by...