ICC refuses to investigate Vatican officials


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The International Criminal Court (ICC) has turned down a request from victims of clergy sexual abuse to investigate Vatican officials and their responsibility for the abuse of children by Catholic priests around the world.

In a two-page letter dated May 31, the court told the New York-based ‘Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)’, which represents the vicrims, that the offenses alleged in the survivors petition, “don’t appear to fall within the jurisdiction of the court”.

“The Vatican is in violation of its human rights obligations to protect children from sexual violence. In fact, they’re maintaining a system that both condones the cover-ups and enables these offenses,” said Pam Specs, senior human rights attorney at the CCR.

In September 2005, the US Justice Department told a Texas court that a lawsuit accusing Pope Benedict XVI of conspiring to cover-up the sexual abuse of three boys by a seminarian should be dismissed because the pontiff enjoys immunity as head of state of the Holy See.

In December 2010, Benedict insulted sexual abuse victims by claiming that “paedophilia wasn’t considered an “absolute evil” as recently as the 1970s“.

Joanna Francis, an American Catholic writer and blogger, called Pope Benedict XVI, Zionist double agent in a 2006 posting on her blog,

The ICC is a permanent war crimes court in The Hague. It’s like the United Nations, controlled by the US and pro-Israel Zionist mafia.In April 2012, ICC made a similar excuse to cover-up its unwillingness to investigate Israeli leaders for war crimes against humanity. In January 2013, Pedro Martínez Torrijos, prosecutor at Spain’s national court, called upon the ICC to investigate Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes. The charges are based on Israeli commado attack on Gaza flotilla on May 31, 2010 which was carrying three Spanish peace activists, Manuel Tapial, Laura Arau and David Segarra.

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, a former auxiliary bishop of Sydney, early this month, posted to sign an online petition to Pope Francis I to call a new global council to take effective measures to end the sexual abuse of children in the Church.

Last year, Hollywood newspaper, Variety, reported that Jewish-owned DreamWorks SKG, would make a movie on sexual abuse in the Catholic Chuch, based on a story published in the Jewish-owned The Boston Globe.

And finally, a ‘helping hand’ from Rabbi Boruch Dov Lesches, one of New York’s top Jewish religious authority. The Rabbi, whose own religious establishment is infested with child rape and molestation, has claimed: “Young boys may have consented to sex.

Read my July 29, 2009 report on ICC’s dubious activities here.

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