1. 100th Monkey

    Australia’s Stonehenge

    This article is an intriguing look directly into Australian ancient cultural past: More:
  2. Truth Vibrations

    C2C - Archaeological Coverups by David Hatcher - Childress Egyptian Caves Grand Canyon

    Archaeological coverups by David Hatcher childress egyptian caves-grand canyon with George Noory on.
  3. 100th Monkey

    Gobekli Tepe

    Graham Hancock & others has been proposing this for years. Gobekli Tepe
  4. 100th Monkey

    A Second Mayan Heiroglyph found depicting 12/21/2012

    Archaeologists in Guatemala announced the discovery of the second-known reference to the "end date" of the Mayan calendar, found inscribed on panels recently uncovered at the La Corona archaeological site. The panels are 1,300 years old, and are considered one of the most significant...
  5. Denise

    Greg Giles ~~ 03.05.12~~ Changing Newsflash!

    Not a very long thought I's post in its entirety... We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Lives For A Life Changing Newsflash! All your life you have waited for the good news, and that day has finally come. Very soon you will witness large-scale mass arrests all the...
  6. Denise

    Formal Announcements of Our Presence ~ Greg Giles ~ January 8, 2012

    Message from the Galactic Federation 1/8/12 We, the Galactic Federation, have been communicating with you through our channels for quite some time now, and it is necessary to begin making formal announcements of our presence in your skies as a window of opportunity has been opened and we wish...
  7. Denise

    The Ashtar Command Reclamation Project ~ Greg Giles ~ January 4, 2012

    Message from the Pleiadians 1/4/12 The Ashtar Command Reclamation Project is a joint cooperation between the forces of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. The goal of this project is to bring back light and freedom of thought and expression to the people of this planet...
  8. Denise

    Mayan Tablet (Does Not Predict) End of the World in 2012, says expert..!

    1 Dec 2011 A reference to 2012 on a Mayan tablet denotes a transition to a new era, not the apocalypse, according to Sven Gronemeyer A scene from the film 2012, which refers to the idea that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world. The end is not quite nigh. At least that is the...
  9. 100th Monkey

    X-ray of a 2000 year old canopic jar displaying a video camera found at a 1932 archaeological Egyptian tomb dig (Video)

    Another time travel possibility? I would love to hear your thoughts?
  10. White Rabbit

    Yonaguni: Mysterious Underwater Pyramid in Japan

    Where can you find pyramids apart from Egypt? Maybe you’ve heard of the Incan pyramids in Peru, the pyramids of Nubia (Sudan), or the ruined pyramids of ancient Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Persia (Iran) known as ziggurats? What you may not know is that the list was expanded in 1987, when dive...
  11. Denise

    Mexican Government to disclose protected Mayan Knowledge To all Humanity before 2012

    REUTERS EXCLUSIVE...... The Mexican government is releasing state-held secrets about the end of the Mayan calendar to the makers of a documentary, "Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond," TheWrap has learned. The information -- protected for 80 years -- is expected to reveal Mayan...
  12. Denise

    The Revelation Of The Pyramids

    Narrated by Brian Cox, Revelation of the Pyramids takes an in-depth look into one of Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramids of Egypt. For centuries, the Great Pyramids have fascinated Mankind; every year brings a batch of new theories, from the plausible to the absolutely bizarre. One...
  13. White Rabbit

    Ancient Aliens Season - 02, Episode - 08 (Unexplained Structures) Göbekli Tepe 8,000 Years Before Stonehenge And The Egyptian Pyramids Were Built

    I love this: Göbekli Tepe, is a hilltop sanctuary erected on the highest point of an elongated mountain ridge some 15 km northeast of the town of Şanlıurfa, in southeastern Turkey and 500 miles away from Istanbul, Turkey. It is the most astonishing archaeological discovery in modern times and...
  14. Denise

    SaLuSa ~ The End of Duality ~ August 12, 2011

    Progress may be slow, but nevertheless we are overcoming the last obstacles that stand between Disclosure and us. At the same time the means to go ahead with governmental changes are in place, and it is the timing that remains an issue. Having come so far we are not going to rush into...
  15. Lady of Light

    Treasure worth 'billions' found in Indian temple "A treasure trove of gold and silver jewellery, coins and precious stones said to be worth billions of dollars has been found inside secret chambers in a Hindu temple in southern India, officials said. The valuables have an estimated...
  16. CASPER

    Archaeology's Tech Revolution Since Indiana Jones

    Let′s face it, Indiana Jones was a pretty lousy archaeologist. He destroyed his sites, used a bullwhip instead of a trowel and was more likely to kill his peers than co-author a paper with them. Regardless, "Raiders of the Lost Ark," which celebrates its 30th anniversary on June 12, did make...
  17. Unhypnotized

    Egyptian pyramids found by infra-red satellite images

    Seventeen lost pyramids are among the buildings identified in a new satellite survey of Egypt. More than 1,000 tombs and 3,000 ancient settlements were also revealed by looking at infra-red images which show up underground buildings. Initial excavations have already confirmed some of the...
  18. Unhypnotized

    Is 'Project Bluebeam' dead?

    Did Carol Rosin really frighten off this project...? For some reason the Blue Beam Project has been dragged out of the “skeleton closet” again, probably to create more fear from the ignorant and the faithless. Originally designed for implementation in 1983 by the Illuminati in cooperation...
  19. Unhypnotized

    The Bosnian Pyramids: Great Cover Up Taking Place!

    Click Here for the Original Article Introduction: The 'elites', Wikipedia and their censorship tools Whenever a truth is being revealed, the so called 'elites' and their pets attack the supporters with their strongest weapons: ridicule and disinformation. On special occasions, where things...
  20. Unhypnotized

    Buck-toothed and the size of a dog: Meet the new dinosaur scientists believe is the ‘missing link’ in prehistoric evolution

    UK Daily Mail April 14, 2011 With its large eyes and slanted teeth, Daemonosaurus chauliodus may look like any other of its prehistoric contemporaries. But this new species of dinosaur – described as having large eyes, buck teeth and being the same size as a large dog – has caused quite a stir...