Message from the Pleiadians 1/4/12

The Ashtar Command Reclamation Project is a joint cooperation between the forces of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. The goal of this project is to bring back light and freedom of thought and expression to the people of this planet.

This project has long been in the planning stages and has also been fully underway for many ages. Today, you stand at the threshold of this elaborate project’s success and you are the forerunners of what can be expected of many more of your brothers and sisters in the days ahead.

Each being in your world today responds and is motivated by unique stimuli and educational tools.

We, the Ashtar Command, in cooperation with the Galactic Federation, have carefully mapped out an educational plan to facilitate the most efficient means to a soul's maturation.

We are very pleased to report that so many of you have clearly demonstrated knowledge, understanding, and wisdom attained from the lessons that have been offered you.

Please allow others that have yet to reap the benefits of these lessons to advance at their own pace, according to their own incarnate blueprint. Have patience with these souls, for they are your brothers and your sisters and as such deserve your love and support.

As we have so often said, you have all reached this point together and you shall all move through ascension and into the higher realms together. No one who so chooses will not ascend in the days ahead, and we will see to it that all will receive the benefits of our experience and our assistance in this process.

We have been working with the Galactic Federation for many eons, and our partnership has been very beneficial to both of our organizations.

We differ only in areas not deemed vital at this point in our collective mission, and we have easily worked out a very equitable agreement that will see all parties benefit greatly from this experience.

Humanity is one of the parties involved who will receive the greatest endowment of this complex endeavor.

We see such great things that humanity has accomplished throughout your long history, and we also foresee greater achievements to be reached beginning in your very near future.

Your ascension into the higher realms is a most triumphant achievement in itself, but we see many other successes that you as a unified race will achieve in the near days to come.

Restoring your host planet's ecosystems and purifying her air, seas and soil will be a task you will undertake and we will assist you with as soon as humanity is ready to accept us as your extended family, as indeed we are.

We have always been amongst you, guiding you, teaching you, protecting you, and you will learn the details of our long journey with you soon, as we have so much to discuss with you before you experience the culmination of your ascension into the higher realms and you are returned to full consciousness once again.

You are so much more than you can possibly understand at this time, but know your journey began not as a limited third dimensional being upon Earth, but as a powerful being of the higher realms who bravely set sail on an incredible adventure through time and through space, back into the evolutionary past of this universe.

You are soon to return to the realms and kingdoms where it all began for you, and we feel just the sight of your homes you knew so well will open up a floodgate of wonderful memories of friends, family, fun and adventurous experiences.

Your world is full of life and so too is your universe.

Beings of all shapes and sizes call this universe their home and you shall meet many of these benevolent beings in due time. Make preparations for these introductions by releasing any negative stereotypes or fear you may possess within you about beings who may not appear as you do.

The creator has created many vehicles with which to express himself, and the human vessel is but one of these. Just as another being may appear strange or odd to you, you may appear just as unique to him or her. Try to always remember this, and it will help you tremendously in future social and working situations where beings from throughout the universe are gathered.

We welcome all those of humanity who have demonstrated their acceptance of other beings and other races throughout the universe.

All beings have journeyed long and have endured hardship and struggle just as yourselves, and all members of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation have ascended through love and spiritual understanding just as much of humanity will soon experience.

Such is the prerequisite to be welcomed as a member of our organizations. Every being you will meet and eventually work with will have an equal or even greater understanding of love and attained this level of consciousness through tests, trials, and tribulation just as you are experiencing today.

Please keep this in mind when you greet them, and always remember not to judge a book by its cover.

You will also be communicating directly with many of these beings and you will have the opportunity to learn much from each other, as they may share their experiences and their people’s history with you.

Such is a favorite pastime onboard the many ships of the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation fleets, as so many different beings from so many different worlds throughout the cosmos work and socialize together.

Parts of this message that you are reading now have been shared with you by beings who may look a lot different than you. You may never think this as you read their words, as thoughts expressed through the heart are pure and undivided in their essence.

You have so much to learn and see as your journey continues, and many beings from throughout the universe to meet and become acquainted with.

The human form is just one of a wide variety of sentient life forms existing throughout space, and evidence of this has been preserved in many of your ancient archaeological sites.

The Masters of architectural form and style who have designed and built some of your greatest wonders may not look as you do at all, and they are eager and excited to meet you and reveal the many secrets long hidden in these masterpieces that have been carefully preserved for you.

Many of these different beings are also Masters of science, technology, and space exploration, and humanity has much to gain from the generous sharing of this knowledge and wisdom.

You will find you have much in common with many of these beings, as you have all traveled greatly and experienced much to be where you are today.

Along your journey, humanity has also been assisted by some of these beings who look not as you do, and you should have no fear or apprehension upon meeting them in your very near future.

This day is approaching rapidly, and humanity should be very proud of how far you all have come to be welcomed into the greater Galactic community.

This is quite an honor and achievement, and this will become more clear to you in the days ahead. Until then, continue on in the manner that has brought you so far. Your reward is soon in hand.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles

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