1. L

    [ALERT!] Removing the shackles--- paying the price for being AWAKE !

    Removing The Shackles: Paying the Price of Being Awake I think most of us would relate to this ! To the frustration of not being able to get them to see just a GLIMMER !!


    You see they are not silent Like a row of windows at twilight Or a circle of charred wood, stones You see like dreams they are private No matter the traffic the descriptions Though iridescent between hedge and pine Upright in the garden They never will mirror you Only absorb you Only send...
  3. Lady of Light

    Reality perception

    With the discusstions on "becoming awake" ... more particularly awaking "the public" ... this is good to pass through along to whom you are attempting to awake. Excellent explanation yet keeps it simplae.
  4. R

    Message to the illuminati - i am awake

    MESSAGE TO THE ILLUMINATI - I AM AWAKE I liked this short clip:ricklbert