[ALERT!] Removing the shackles--- paying the price for being AWAKE !

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leenott.... an excellent find.....hello to you in Wimmera

Removing The Shackles: Paying the Price of Being Awake

From that link this comment rang especially true to me.

There is no single grand act that can bring about a revolution, only a thousand daily unsung acts of individual courage can do that.
What price are you paying for being ‘awake’ during the waking times?’

I asked a companion once what the price would be for standing up to the " established order" of ideas in the scientific community regarding something drastically new to them, a new way of regarding our own perception of reality.

The answer I was given was that we both had to be prepared to give......... Nothing less than EVERYTHING.

Meaning that it was an " all in" or " all out" situation. And that I had to be willing to " go the distance" no matter the cost.

But as was pointed out. This is a highly individual situation.

I believe this process of being AWAKE can happen differently for each person.

It may be a much slower process for the main human population than some of us would want.

Can you imagine what it was like to be an "AWAKE" individual 60 or 80 years ago? Compared to that.... we at least now have good company!

Object is to see to it that we all get there together somehow.... with care for each other... because if we do not learn that lesson.... then why be awake at all????? Linda


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Yes, it was good ! I find a lot of good info in a newsletter from Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs
That is the best I have found and was subscribing to so many previously ! It comes daily and there is often a LOT of info on there, but ALWAYS interesting.

Do you know the Wimmera or are you here in OZ ? Or been here ?
In the article you quoted, one sentence is especially true for me as I am 71. That was an interesting, succinct article !
"Can you imagine what it was like to be an "AWAKE" individual 60 or 80 years ago?"
I never fitted in as I always asked uncomfortable questions. People don't like to think. This has made for a loner's life, which is OK most of the time.
I read somewhere that when I was born, we represented about 0.5% of the population ! I was around 23 before I met anyone like me ! (what must it have been like for her, as she would have been 45 !!)
I started questioning organised religion when I was 9, and questioned "who am I" and that was VERY uncomfortable to me, almost creepy as I felt a stranger in the body I had. Am still trying to work that one out ! (aren't we all ??)
Have always questioned whether I was a walk-in. Seemed to have been born with a built in abhorence for modern medicine, never go to doctors and the last thing I would take would be pharma poisons. BOY, does THAT attitude shake people up ! It's only 100 years for modern medicine, and what an incredible snow job they managed to pull off in that time, and of course are still doing. I have always been VERY healthy, so think I was more protected somehow, or I may have fallen for the c---p too.

Still, I find it hard that people just blindly follow on, they don't ask questions, they don't see what I see
WHY ?? WHAT makes us so different ???
IS it that we ARE from different soul groups, that some of us are NOT originally earth souls ?
The older I get, the less I feel I belong here. The awful cruelty inflicted on other people, and the worst to me is the awful cruelty inflicted on animals. This is the toughest for me as I am an empath.

I see in your pic one of my favorite people ! I have 4 dogs, used to breed horses (Peruvian Pasos) loved to ride as a kid and had my own horse who I adored. Didn't have horses again until I was about 50 and kept them until about 2 years ago. I MISS having horses, but at the moment can't have one. Might have to find a lonely horse somewhere so I can have a horse-fix, and it might make him feel better too !

This is becoming a tome, so will finish now. Would love to hear more from you.
This forum is great for kindred souls

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I think that we have much in common and as you spend time here you will find that Lady of Light has created sort of a " safe" environment for us.... I think that we could talk about just about anything here without being shoved around into an intellectual food fight... like what happens in some other Forums.

Do you find that you limit the things that come in your direction? You said that you were an empath... I can't imagine someone with your talents watching the kind of news that we have here in Southen California...its just overwhelmingly sad and angry... How could you survive?

I know something about your area and have a kinship for land that can be so dry, yet hit with thunderstorms... and I'll bet you can see for miles and miles and miles! Dad was interested in sand dunes all over the world!

A Peruvian Paso!!!!! YES!!!! A wonderful ride!!!! I begged my way into my first horse when I was twelve.... gave up horses for a few years and then came back later to jump in with both feet... mainly raising and training.... Not a big string compared to some in your country but we had 19 at one time... our daughter can ride just about any style from dressage, to cross country, to gaited horses, to barrel horses... she even spent some time being a " pony girl" at Los Alamitos which is a southern California Quarter Horse track....I spent some of my youth learning to be a riding instructor! Turned out that my daughter has been my only student! Ah! Well.... time well spent!

Lady of Light loves horses too.... so we will have fun here!

And I know that there will be other subjects we will be drawn to. How very nice to meet you! Linda


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I wandered loney as a cloud....
When all at once I came upon a host of similer thinkers.
Many here will have experienced the isolation of KNOWING, when all around are content to be in a sheep like daze.
That KNOWING occured to Me in an instant that sent Me off on a very strange pathway, and brought about huge ridicule, luckily I experienced that in abundance in early life so was well able to handle it, but the rejection of been DIFFERENT is difficult.
Welcome to the club.


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Understand what you mean about a safe environment. It DOES feel good to know that we can express out thoughts without having to justify or defend them, and we have all been there.
Re empath. It has been a journey of learning to accept that animals also draw lessons to themselves as we do. In the end it was the only way I could cope with the awful things I was picking up being done to animals. It still is very hard as in the dog in Bosnia who had firecrackers stuffed in his mouth, then had his face blown off. I was hysterical when I first read that, and the feeling I got from this beautiful creature was the feeling of utter betrayal. And it is THIS that bothers me most, that we are betraying our role as protectors.
This started for me about 25 years ago when an obviously very sick person was running around the high country here in Victoria in winter, removing rugs from horses and then cutting off their penises. WHY ?????? THAT was horrific but the reaction by some damn dogooder was worse. This person/group ?? offered $20,000 to catch this person and THEN dropped it to $15,000 because "they are only horses"
bloody humans and their misplaced sense of importance. It is this that causes so much suffering to animals around the world. The belief humans have more right to exist than any other being. This then gives them the right to continue having children, taking the habitats of other creatures, and then killing them because they are inconvenient when they encroach on their territory. That we can do what we want to animals. REALLY do think that most of us on this forum are NOT human souls, we just don't understand this thinking.
I had to stop subscribing to a lot of newsletters as I just can't read about cruelty anymore. I donate to PETA, and another group in Bosnia. So, that's me as an empath. bron, front.JPG
I have attached a pic of the PP stallion I had, Broncierga- hope it attached !! He was a funny, cantankerous creature with a VERY definite mind of his own. He was THE best weather forecaster I knew, as there was NO way I was going to get a rug (blanket ??) on him if it wasn't going to be cold. We had some beautiful babies with Bron. I had to tell him what I wanted and the reason or he wouldn't co-operate !
My youngest son (I have 3) was the reason I had horses again. Dorian has a very high IQ (now 35-going on 15, eternal Peter Pan) and was ALWAYS in trouble ( as they usually are) also a loner-too smart for most people to cope with-- I bought him a horse as a diversion. From the moment he sat on a horse I could see his talent. He was an amazing rider, same as your daughter, ANY discipline. He got thrown off a few times when he first started, but never again. He could feel the slightest twitch and would bail off and ALWAYS land on his feet. He could ride ANY horse, with or without saddle or bridle. It was a natural talent, and he threw it in at 18. That sort of talent is not usually appreciated for the incredible gift it is. Of course he doesn't ride now.
The Wimmera is VERY dry- long story as to why I'm here---and it's stinking hot today and for the next few days. I am living in a little town in the middle of nowhere, (Rupanyup) and asked why here? Got that I am here to "anchor the energy" I fit in here less than anywhere I have ever lived, so it has to be some crazy reason like that !!
I am not far from an area called the Little Desert which your Father would have known of. I have been here just over a year, and am not really familiar with this area. Feel I am here for now, for whatever reason, and will go back closer to Ballarat when I can. LOVE Ballarat !
Better get off here now or you will have my life story-and it's not that interesting !

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I would bet that others might disagree with you!

I loved the picture of your stud.... and I can tell from the angle of his pasterns that he had great reach and termino... was he just a stud for you or a riding horse too? My " Shadetree" was a Morgan so of course he had similar coloring to your Bron....I bought him when he was nine and had him until he died at 39... we were trying to make 40 but just missed. I used to ride as a " trail guide" on an Island off the California coast ( Catalina)......I kept track of the number of rides we went out on in the interior of the island and figured at one point that he and I had covered over 6000 miles together..... so there wasn't much of that small island that we missed!!!

The Little Desert was on Dads list of places to go... and someday I hope to be there.

You say that you are there to " anchor the energy". That does not surprise me at all.

Short message right now but more soon!

Soon as I figure out how to attach photos I will send you some horse pictures too!

Thank you for telling us about yourself. Linda

Lady of Light

Soon as I figure out how to attach photos I will send you some horse pictures too!

Linda, if you look at the top of the reply box you'll see some pictures near the middle of the box right at the top. the section that has 2 worlds, a picture frame with a tree in it, a film strip, and a quote box. If you click on the picture frame with the tree in it, you can attach pictures. :) Anything else you need, let me know. :)

Leenott, you are free to tell as much or as little about yourself as you like. :) We don't mind at all, and in fact, I encourage people to speak what they want, when they want.

We do tend to be a bunch of like beings here, and no, I don't think that we are from this planet. We gather for a reason. What the reason, well, not sure, but we're here, drawn together, a lot of us with the same interests. :)


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Thank you Hobbit ! In one of your previous posts you mention tapping into energy. Do you mean the Morphic Field ? I am still very new to this, but it sounds very interesting. Rupert Sheldrake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Have been listening to a very interesting teacher, Mashhur Anam who works with the Morphic Field. You might like to check him out, he speaks of tapping into or out of the morphic field.
As to ridicule, yes, been there too. MANT times, but the most difficult was with my brother. We had a HUGE falling out 5-6 years ago over him taking statin drugs (they destroy the liver) He REALLY tore shreds off me as there was absolutely NO way he would ever consider a natural treatment. We never really reconnected. He died 3 years ago, my sister in law contacted me after he died, saying they couldn't find me. That was a porkie as we still lived in the same area. I suspect he told her not to tell me. What a sorry state as we used to be so close when we were kids. It was his choice, maybe just a case of irreconcilable differences. What is sad, I never wished him any ill will in any way, I loved him, he was my brother. It IS hard being on the outside when there is much we could impart if anyone asks ! That's their choice too, and the lesson must be for us to learn to handle those rejections, that ridicule the best we can.
What a world it could be with acceptance and love abounding.
It is so good to have found this group.
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You referenced to Rupert Sheldrake.
Morphogenic fields.
It's all by field.
Information fields that transfer in scalar fashion relative to the relationship between transmitter and reciever.
Then it's all about scale, We are products of the here and now moment of the field relative to the surface about this planet, but that field is fed in a continuum by inputs and counter transmissions in/out of that field.

I was really pleased not long ago to notice the almost perfect counter spirals on My thumbs, I had not really looked at them closely, but the balance and perfection of them may have been formed at the moment I was created, as such?
I am very very much into spirals and how they are created .

The field of the planet is detectable by such as Myself, and I will be an ameature aside the natives of this planet.
I study the aborigonals DREAMTIME.
When We DREAM imho DMT is released by the pineal gland and enables TRIPPING to occur across onto variant fields in the self same location as the overall dominant here and now moment .
Ever wondered WHY most of the natives of this planet have been eliminated or given whisky???
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Have always had a special feel for Ballarat even as a kid. Always said I wanted to live there one day, and while I never actually lived in Ballarat, I lived near Ballarat. That fits as I don't like city living, much prefer the country with space around. Plus we had horses, so needed acres around us.
It must have been a previous life. I like the weather better there, doesn't get so hot. Does get cold, VERY occasionally snows, but prefer cold to hot !
Other than that, not sure. Now, I am live in a normal house on a normal house block, so don't have the space that has always been important. Being practical though, can't have horses now, so don't need the land, BUT, I SO miss gumtrees. Have been planting some though !
I am a real Aussie, really, really LOVE the land, the gumtrees, the wonderful animals we have here. We owned 4 properties just over 2 years ago and sold 3 of them to retire to the Dominican Republic. It is a beautiful country and you are able to buy a gorgeous house cheap, which we did. We thought we could live on my pension and should have been able to except our glorious social system does all in it's power to get you off the pension and/or reduce the amount you get.
They decided that Ray should have been able to contribute (he is 8 years younger) by working, so they deducted 20%. That made it impossible, so Ray came home.
He doesn't speak Spanish and while he had skills they need there, not speaking the language made it impossible. He is an electrical engineer, so HAD to be fluent in technical terms etc. I was supposed to stay there and Ray would come over for a holiday every year. Just before I left, there were a lot of break-ins by gangs of Haitiens, so I was vulnerable, and I missed HOME !
While DR is beautiful, it is corrupt, and I couldn't live that way. There is little employment, so everybody screws everybody to make money. I am generous and compassionate, and being that way, I was an easy mark, and that sure was what happened. The last straw was when my next door neighbor tapped into my power meter and my power bill quadrupled. In DR, the meters are all side by side in the street, so very easy to steal power, which happens all the time.
Then the animals there are not treated well. The people can barely feed them selves, so animals aren't cared for. There are SO many homeless dogs and cats, mangy, sick, full of parasites (and there are some DOOZIE parasites there !) they wander the streets and the beaches. The horses are often worse off and have VERY short, hard lives. They would be tied to a tree for most of the day, no water, no access to food. That was very hard to see. Then, the way the Haitians are treated was hard to take. Employed by the whites for a pittance who have NO conscience in screwing them too. We owned a gorgeous house with a bungalow and a pool. I had a gardener and he looked after the pool and the garden. I REALLY liked him, and being a single white woman in DR, REALLY needed him. So, I gave him the bungalow, most of his food and paid him about double the going rate, so I was paying out more than I could afford. It just got too much, so I sold the house to come home. By then, realised I needed to be on my own, maybe just for this time of 2012. I REALLY didn't want to live with Ray, so I bought this place basically over the internet. Ray went to see it and thought it was a good buy. It wasn't, and now I know who it was that always bought the houses we had ( and made money on !) There is NO way I would have bought this place, BUT, I AM here, and for whatever reason will be for at least another year.
Ray comes to help every 2nd weekend as there is too much to do.
More to this saga follows--
When we went to DR, we took our 4 dogs and 2 cats (THAT was expensive !) to get home again, I had to live for 6 months in an AQIS approved country (Australian Quarantine) so I chose Canada. I was there from June 2011 to November 2011. I had to leave one dog and the cats. Bennie is a Maremma. He was a beautiful, special dog, but he was HUGE, even for a Maremma, and as I was going to be renting in Canada, I had to find him a home. He now lives with an Austrian lady in the hills on a horse ranch above Sosua. He LOVES water, so she adapted her pool so he could get in and out. I MISS him, but he is where he was meant to be also. We had a Burmese cat named Silly --short for Silver, but he WAS silly !!-- he now lives with a lady who shelters abused horses and donkies. Also has a nice life, and rules the top floor of her house. NO other cat or dog is allowed past the first flight of steps, he is adored by everyone. MISS him too. Then we had a moggy named Lizzie who adopted the lady next door. She must have known I was leaving, so she found her own home. MISS her !
May as well tell you about the dogs here that came home. Butch is a Maltese X ???? he's 16 yo. Rosie is a Pomeranian X, 15yo. These two are like husband and wife. She is my 2nd in charge and rounds Butch up when he is slow coming when called. He is blind in one eye (fight with a Rottweiler 14 years ago over a bone, Jack the giant killer is Butch) and almost deaf. He is a great little dog, but if this summer continues as it started, he may not survive long, he wasn't comfortable yesterday. It was nearly 42c, --108f-- and February is the hottest month. Sounding like a VERY hot summer.
Then we have Reg. Reg is a true Jack Russell. Red spots, little short legs and a dog with OCD. Obsessed with flashing lights, shadows and balls. Another Jack the giant killer. TYPICAL Jackie.
When I got home, felt odd without a bigger dog, so I found Fred. Fred is a 4yo English Staffie X Kelpie (have you seen the movie Red Dog ? If not, you would love it) Fred is the most gorgeous, crazy dog. Wanders around with a perpetual smile on his face and a tail that never stops. Reg is REALLY jealous of him and picks fights often. Fred could kill him, but he just tries to put him in his place. Maybe one day Reg will learn !! LOVE my dogs.
Well, another huge post. Hope you like reading !!
Tell me about you !


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The aboriginals were wiped out in Tasmania, except for 1 woman. I don't know how many were killed in the mainland, many 1000's.
In EVERY country the white man went, they destroyed the native people and their cultures. It has been going on for 1000's of years.
What incredible, wonderful histories we have no access to.


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Hi Hobbitt, if you are into spirals, I have whorls on every one of my fingers. Apparently rare ----but that says it, doesn't it, the REALLY odd one out !!!!????
You might find this article interesting on finger/hand prints Fingerprints & Palmar Dermatoglyphics
I'm sure whisky was to destroy them, as I am sure you think also.
Native people are too close the the earth and spirits for any organised religion to cope with. The aboriginals here can't cope with any alcohol at all. For years they were protected and not allowed to have any booze at all, but then that became discriminatory and they are allowed it again. Is that right or wrong ?? Not sure on that.
Apparently people who become alcoholics have a gene the is activated by the first molecule of alcohol they have.
The Australian Aboriginal is the only dark race to have a recessive gene. They are a really interesting, unique race. Very shy people, keep to themselves mostly and that is a pity as there needs to be interaction. I sure as hell understand why they don't seek it though. Have you been here ? Sounds as if you may have had another life here ??!!

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I am a real Aussie, really, really LOVE the land, the gumtrees, the wonderful animals we have here. We owned 4 properties just over 2 years ago and sold 3 of them to retire to the Dominican Republic.
Thats a bold, brave move. I am sorry it didn't work out. I spent some time on a little Island not far from Nassau in the Bahamas. I thought that it was paradise but soon realized that ugly people lived there too when I befriended a carriage driver and his lovely mare, Nancy. I noticed that Nancy still had milk... and wondered where her foal was. Albert told me that some local thugs had gotten angry at him and had taken a machete to the baby.... a bright chestnut filly. That turned my stomach and somehow the beautiful water and the sunshine just didn't mean as much anymore. So I thank you for your warning about the DR.... I think that I will pass on that situation and learn from your experience.

Speaking of Ray..My Dad was an electrical engineer too... Some folks in Australia know of his work... has Ray ever heard of Thomas Townsend Brown?

It just got too much, so I sold the house to come home. By then, realised I needed to be on my own, maybe just for this time of 2012.

Odd that you would come to that decision. I am very close to that myself...Sometimes it becomes the right time to do what you alone want to do.........

I REALLY didn't want to live with Ray, so I bought this place basically over the internet. Ray went to see it and thought it was a good buy. It wasn't, and now I know who it was that always bought the houses we had ( and made money on !) There is NO way I would have bought this place, BUT, I AM here, and for whatever reason will be for at least another year.
Ray comes to help every 2nd weekend as there is too much to do.
We are in the middle of remodeling what was once what they called a " Homestead cottage" out here in he desert. Just 500 square feet....Bigger now of course.... but danged... when is the work ever going to be finished? Your summer is the same as ours 118 F is not uncommon.....


Bennie is a Maremma. He was a beautiful, special dog, but he was HUGE, even for a Maremma ( I am not familiar with that breed but will look Bennie up) Sorry that you had to leave so many behind but it looks like they all got well settled.
I have kept a Kennel for nearly twenty-five years... raising Yorkshire Terriers.... the fellow I mention occasionally ( Mr. Twigsnapper) bought me my first breeding female and this is the first year that I have considered reducing my numbers substantially... but how do you do that really when all of them are " family". So I have been looking for the perfect homes.... much like the ones that you found for your sweethearts.

As I got a little older (67 now) the decision to raise little dogs made more sense that handling stallions and the expense of raising and training horses....A little Yorkie may look at you crossly occasionally but he can't do the kind of real damage that an unmannerly stud can do ( always had gentlemen though so I was lucky)...One Arabian Stud I had was such a good boy that he would stand with me in the middle of his big turn out pen....( about five acres) just waiting for me to give him permission to " go play" even with the halter slipped off his head. I really miss those moments with him because we had such a kinship....We would stand there and I would wonder if he was testing the air in a different age... Such a fine, lovely horse. An honor to be standing there with him. Then I would touch his shoulder and he would blast off at full speed. A wonder.

, . Butch is a Maltese X ???? he's 16 yo. Rosie is a Pomeranian X, 15yo. These two are like husband and wife.
YUP... have an old "Married couple".... Yorkies of course. She nags at him. He still adores her. Its nice having a big dog with you on the trail or at a campsite... but the little ones really have their own special ways.
Tell me what it was like for you growing up in Australia? I moved around alot when I was a student... all basically here in the United States... but I went to 48 different schools before graduating High School. Stayed in the last school for my Junior and Senior year which means... on the average.... I was moving move than four times a year... almost five...
When you talk about being misunderstood or " set aside"... I certainly can relate. Most kids don't warm up to the "new kid" in class.... and by the time they started to.... I was gone again.... I found solice in my horse... and in books... which were my constant companion... so I probably was considered pretty much of a loner too.
And I had a very serious estrangement from my brother too so I have sympathy for what you have gone through on that score.
Thank you for sharing so much.... I wish that we were closer but isn't this Internet a wondrous thing. Linda
And Hobbit.... I will respond to your wonderful comments soon. I have had a rough day today... first thing tomorrow!!!! Promise! Linda


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That was SUCH a nice reply !!!
We have SO much in common ! When is your birthday ? I'm on the cusp of Pisces/Aries. Always say the bad, brash bits are Aries, and that gives guts to Pisces LOL !!
I will ask Ray about your Father. Ray has always worked in the power industry so he is mostly insulated from anything new. Plus he is one who doesn't ask questions. He had never heard of Tesla, and stood there proudly saying he was a cynic (how can you be a cynic when you have NEVER heard of something ??!!) Part of the reason I don't want to live with him.
How can you stand the heat ?? YIKES ! Yesterday nearly killed me, and we have at least 3 months of that damn heat to come ! There was a really old funny air conditioner here, a BIG rectangle thing, and I had Ray take it out. I have a feeling I might regret that !!
supervisor 2.jpg
I have attached a picture of Bennie. He really was special, you looked in his eyes and you could see a very wise old soul in there.
I didn't move around much as a kid, BUT, like you, my horse was my solace for being different. At times it seemed she was my only friend and BOOKS !! Yes !!
I never understood that difference. I have friends, not many, but they love me as I love them. I must have repelling vibes or something ! I would like me if I met me ! LOL !
I left school at 15, MUCH like Dorian, except I was a girl, and girls didn't really rebel back then. I worked in offices mainly. Here's another little snippet. My first boyfriend was Jewish, and we were together for 6 years despite opposition from all parents. His parents sent him to Israel to break us up. I followed a few months later and we lived on a kibbutz. We broke up and I went to Greece. Met a GORGEOUS Greek who ultimately went to Australia and we married. He didn't like Australia then, so he went to the US. Sent for me 6 months later and we lived in Chicago for a year. I worked for Sears and Standard Oil (??, can't remember, too long ago)
and they picked me from 40 girls to run a new department they were setting up. I must have shown some sort of intelligence for them to do that !
Anyway, long story short (again !) my husband while looking like Greek God was a psychopath. My father had been injured in a car accident, so I used that to go back home to Australia. I was 26 then.
It must have been SO difficult for you shifting around like that. To BE different anyway, and then that on top ?? Then again, since we are mostly social outcasts, it probably doesn't matter much where were outcasts from !!!!
Strange the estrangement from your brother too. Is he still alive and have you healed your relationship ?? I am the only one left. My sister was killed in a head on collision about 25 years ago. We fought like cat and dog as kids, but we were getting along fine and were actually becoming friends when she died.
My parents are both dead, and then my brother 3 years ago. so I'm it. If you are into numerology, my sister had a very fatalistic set of numbers. Her birthday was April 22, 1944. There was a very famous palmist named Cheiro who said that people with a 4 number had a fatalistic attraction to the number 8, and 8 people had a fatalistic attraction to the number 4. She was a number 8, and see all the 4's in her birthdate ! She died when she was 44.

Re studs, I didn't ride Bron. I had stopped riding by then. That's another story ! Bron was a gentleman as long as I told him what was happening. One time he was double barrelled by a mare who was getting impatient with his romancing, so he was sore. I called a chiro out, and Bron didn't like him. It took ages to catch him, and then he wouldn't stand still, so (WASN'T listening, was I) I put him in the crush. Bron is not tall, maybe 14hh 1" and he managed to jump out of that crush.
After that, put him back in the paddock. Next day walking down the laneway near Bron and I asked myself a question "what was that all about yesterday" ??
INSTANTLY, this VERY imperious voice said "He is a Sovereign Being, and you did NOT ask his permission" I don't talk like that ! Anyway, next day, I had the farrier coming to do his feet, so I went to him and said that He REALLY needed to get his feet done and he would feel better when his feet were done, so would he please let me catch him and stand quietly for the farrier. I give you one guess what happened. He was like a lamb. Lesson learned. So I ALWAYS told him from then on. MISS those horses. I had some really special horses, as did you. What a lovely horse your Arab was. I had a few Arabs too, LOVELY, intelligent animals.
Did a lot of renovating in the last few years. Have lost the urge here though. The ceilings are 12 ft high, and I'm 5.2, and don't like ladders much now. So, I relate to that, It IS nice doing it though. You get such a feeling of achievement. ENJOY ! You probably wont want to do it again !
Have to tell you about the mudbrick we built. THAT had 25' ceilings ! Another time
Aren't dogs just wonderful people ?? Rosie REALLY nags Butch, runs around him barking ans nipping at his neck. He just toddles along and ignores her.
Enough for today ! Maybe Skype ?? I get my laptop back next week.


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I'm going to try again for Bennie ! That pic is of Reg "the Supervisor" he is ALWAYS looking to see what is happening. That's Ray's bum !DSCF1377.jpg This is another of Reg when Ray was working under the sink the other day.Talia benny.jpg
Talia is Dorians' youngest daughter.


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re email addresses ?

Is it OK to post my email address to Linda ? She can't open a couple of the links, and an ebook in particular would be helpful for her she can't open. If not, are you able to email my email address to her ?
Also, I replied to your post re where I was in Canada, and it's not there, so this is some of what I wrote !
I was in St Albert. not far from the Enjoy Centre, LOVED it, it was fantastic. Also, the market in St Albert was great. I really enjoyed Canada, in retrospect it would have been better with a car ! Apart from the snow, living here or Canada isn't so different.
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