1. Boiling Frog

    [Bombshell!] Unedited footage of the bombing of Nagasaki (silent)

    A proud American moment, but a very sad day for mankind. 70,000 lost their lives, but at what cost to the world?
  2. R

    Ex-Argentina Jewish minister involved in AMIA bombing

    On June 30, 2013, Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), reported that the Jewish former Argentina interior minister Carlos Vladimir Corach (under former president Carlos Menem) is being investigated for bribing Carlos Telleldin, the car bomber, with $400,000 for blaming Hizbullah and Iran for the...
  3. R

    Iraqi PM blasts Gen. Casey for lying about Iran

    “Unfortunately, Zionist elements surreptiously control much of American landscape (government infrastructure and mainstream media) and the American people are deceived, allowing for these horrendous crimes to go unchallenged in the public arena,” said Merlin Miller, an American independent movie...
  4. R

    ADL: ‘EU must blacklist Hizbullah’

    In January 2013, British prime minister, David Cameron (with Jewish family roots) urged members of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) to “make a noise” and lead a grassroots campaign calling for the EU to take action against Lebanon’s Islamic Resistance Hizbollah. So, on June 16, 2013, Abraham...
  5. New UFO Hunter

    UFO - Camera catches ball of light hovering at Boston bombing attack

    UFOs never miss an important event, the bombing of Boston is no different.
  6. 100th Monkey

    Terry Nichols Wants To Reveal FBI Informant Role In The Oklahoma City Bombing


    Third plane WTC 911 - never seen