Ex-Argentina Jewish minister involved in AMIA bombing


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On June 30, 2013, Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA), reported that the Jewish former Argentina interior minister Carlos Vladimir Corach (under former president Carlos Menem) is being investigated for bribing Carlos Telleldin, the car bomber, with $400,000 for blaming Hizbullah and Iran for the crime.

“The Buenos Aires Federal Appeals Court last week ordered the probe of Carlos Vladimir Corach in connection with an illegal payment of $400,000 to Carlos Telleldin, an auto mechanic who was among those charged in the 1994 attack that left 85 dead and hundreds wounded. Telleldin, who allegedly provided the car bomb that blew up the Jewish center, has not been indicted. The three Appeals Court justices called on Federal Judge Ariel Lijo to investigate “the existence of concrete allegations involving Carlos Vladimir Corach, which have not been investigated until now” regarding the illegal payment to Telleldin,” reported JTA.

The Zionist regime has repeatedly blamed Hizbullah and Tehran for the July 1994 bombing of the Asociacion Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) and Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. Both Hizbullah and Tehran have rejected the accusations. The new allegations against the Jewish former interior minister, prove that Israel was trying to hide another Mossad false flag operation.

Earlier this year, Argentina’s Jewish foreign minister Hector Timerman and his Iranian counterpart Ali Akbar Salehi signed an agreement to let an independent panel of judges examine the 1994 bombing of AMIA and 1992 bombing at Israeli Embassy building. The deal naturally stunned both the Israeli and American officials.

It’s interesting to note that the very first day of the Jewish Center (AMIA) bombing in Buenos Aires on July 1994, which resulted in the death of 85 people, the Zionist owned mainstream media blamed Iran and Hizb’Allah – in order to cover the long histroy of false-flag operations by Israeli Mossad - and as expected, a team of Israeli investigators arrived in Buenos Aires the very next day to remove any possible lead to Israel.

Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizballah is the only Arab military which defeated Israel in 2006 (Asia Times, October 12, 2006).

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