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    Women-only Holocaust movie!

    Robin Saex Garbose is an Orthodox Jew film producer-director. Premier of her latest film ‘The Heart That Sings’ at the 13th Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival (Dec. 17-23) created quite a fuss as no male was allowed to see the screening of the movie. Watch a short trailer of the movie here. The...
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    Zionists target AL observation mission in Syria

    The whining western ZOGs and their Arab poodles have now turned against the leadership of the Arab League Observation Mission (ALOM) in Syria which they choose themselves. They’re expecting that the director of ALOM, Mustafa al-Dabi, a former Sudanese general, like IAEA director general Yukiya...
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    NFL Jaguars Muslim owner angers Zionists

    The anti-Muslim Zionist-crowd is sick to stomach to learn that the new owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars team is a Pakistani-born Muslim American businessman. His name is Shahid Khan, born in Lahore, Pakistan. He has become the first Muslim to own a National Footbal League team. So far, the NFL...
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    [Video] Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited

    They won't let me post links, so just look it up on YouTube. I'm out of here... The Christian Identity Forum
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    Jewish Group: ‘Christmas is anti-Israel’

    Jerusalem-based ‘NGO Monitor’ has claimed that Christians use Christmas to demonize Israel. Jewish Group: ‘Christmas is anti-Israel’ | Rehmat's World
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    Jerusalem Mayor proposes a ‘split city’

    Worried about the on-going isolation of the Zionist regime around the world, Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, has made unkosher u-turn on his long-time held views of a ‘united Jerusalem‘ as the biblical capital of the Jewish people. The very Jewish people, who according to Israeli historian...
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    Egyptian ‘Hitler’ remark angers US

    Yesterday, Hannah Rosenthal, Barack Obama’s global anti-Semitism Watchdog, condemned Egyptian Gen. Abdel Moeim Kato for saying that some of the protesters fighting troops in Cairo were ”delinquents who deserve to be thrown into Hitler’s ovens“. “Retired general Abdelmoneim Kato’s “anti-Semitic...
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    Pat Robertson: ‘Anti-Christian bigotary is okey’

    On the latest episode of The 700 Club, Islamophobe Rev. Pat Robertson, called the Saturday Night Live‘s light-hearted skit on Jesus and football quarterback Tim Tebow, “an anti-Christian bigotary that’s disgusting”. However, since it involves Tim Tebow, who had converted to Judaism, such...
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    Cameron: ‘Britain is a Christian nation’

    British prime minister, David Cameron, speaking at an event marking the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, said that Britain is a Christian nation and should not be affraid of standing up to Christian values to counter the country’s “moral collapse”. He claimed that religious tolerance...
  10. Denise

    Ark of Covenant 'To Be Revealed' After Leaking Roof In Ethiopian Chapel

    Will this be the first time the world sees the Ark of Covenant? Leaking roof in Ethiopian chapel 'will lead to relic being revealed'Ark contains Ten Commandments God 'gave' to Moses on Mount Sinai One holy monk is the only person allowed to see the holy box.but he'll need a hand carrying metre...
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    Bibi: ‘Thou shalt not marry an American Jew’

    Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu did it again. Even though he himself is a dual US-Israel citizen, his ministry of immigration and absorption has created a set of Hasbara (propaganda) ads campaign which warns the Yordim (expat Jews living in the US) that they would loose their Jewish...
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    Political Islam vs ‘Jewish identity politics’

    The other day, I read a very long article publshed in Red Scribblings blog in which the writer tried in vain to make a comparison between “Political Islam and Jewish identity politics” while discussing Gilad Atzmon’s latest book ‘The Wandering Who’. The writer who claims to represent the...
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    Lobby: ‘Boycott Halal turkey on Thanksgiving’

    The Norway mass killer, Anders Behring Breivik, had mentioned in his 1500-page bible two prominent American pro-Israel ‘Islamophobes’ – Pamela Geller of ‘Atlas Shrugs’ and Robert Spencer of ‘Jihad Watch’ – who inspired him hating Muslims. “The idea that most meat sold in your supermarket or...
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    Rep. Ron Paul is a ‘vicious anti-Semite’!

    In February 2011 – America’s leading Muslim-basher, Israel-Firster David Horowitz, had accused Rep. Ron Paul of being “a crackpot” and “vicious anti-Semite“. Horowitz claimed that Ron Paul is an ‘anti-Semite’ because of Paul’s proposal to end USAID to the Zionist entity (watch a video below)...
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    Kissinger calls fellow Jews ‘bastards’

    On November 18, 2011 – Israeli daily Haaretz claimed that former US secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, had called his fellow Jews as “self-serving bastards“. Former US Secretary of State (1973-77), Henry (Heinz) Kissinger, has an interesting history of relation with Israel and the Jewish...
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    Russell Tribunal: ‘Israel is an apartheid entity’

    On Monday, the Russell Tribunal on Palestine (RTP) completed its two-days session in Cape Town (South Africa). In its unanimous verdict the RTP found that the Zionist regime is a racist and apartheid entity as defined under international law. In their recommendations, the jury called upon the...
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    ADL slams Obama and Sarkozy for insulting Bibi

    Abe Foxman, national director Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a powerful Israeli lobbying organization, has slammed Presidents Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy for their anti-Semitic slur against Israeli prime minister Benji Netanyahu during recent G20 meeting in France. Abe Foxman has called the...
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    Lobby: ‘Islamists to govern Tunisia’

    On June 29, 1994, Martin Kramer, editor of Middle East Quarterly and visiting fellow at Jewish think tank WINEP – wrote in ‘Policywatch’ against allowing Rachid Ghannouchi to visit the University of South Florida (USF) on a lecture tour. He had claim that Ghannouchi “urged violence against US...
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    Thomas Jefferson’s Holy Qur’an

    America’s third President Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809) was the principal author of Declaraion of Independence (1776) and the Statute of Viginia for Religious Freedom (1977). Jefferson was also considered the founder of the Library of Congress (Jefferson Building), which holds more than 140...