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    Satanic Plot Uncovered Behind LGBT Social Movement
  2. New UFO Hunter

    Florida MUFON assistant director shares her personal ET encounter

    Teri Lynge shares her ET encounters from a Christian perspective.:
  3. R

    Christian minority persecuted in Pakistan?

    Yesterday, I wrote a post debunking Jewish editor Dr. Elliot Jager’s lies claiming Christianity is good for the Jews. On August 10, 2013, the Salem News published an article authored by an Islamophobe Pakistani Christian journalist, Shamim Masih, who claims that the Christian minority in...
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    Jewish Editor: Christianity is good for Israel

    On May 24, 2013, Elliot Jager, Ph.D (in Political Science), a US-Israeli citizen and former Editorial Page Editor of Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post and currently Managing Editor of Jewish Ideas Daily, republished his 2012 article, entitled ‘Christianity: Good for the Jews?’. Jager says that...
  5. Truth Vibrations

    Crop Circle near Silbury Hill found on June 25th 2013

    I believe this is an hourglass almost finishing its run with the cross on the bottom are they referring to the Christians? It is as if thay are trying to tell as "time is nearly up for the Christians". Source:
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    British physicist under ‘Israeli knife’

    World renowned British physicist, professor Stephen Hawking 71, is being chased by Israeli racist squad for boycotting Presidential Conference in Jerusalem, a major Zionist annual Hasbara (propaganda) event to be chaired by Zionist president Shimon Peres, a war criminal. Hawking informed Peres...
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    British Archives: “Zionists were Terrorists, Nazis and Savages”

    The British National Archives released last week, contains an intelligence report dated April 30, 1948 – two weeks before David Ben Gurion unilaterally declared the establishment of Israel. In the report, Sir Alan Cunningham, the last High Commissionar of the British Mandate authority in...
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    Scottish Church denies Israel’s right to exist

    A 5,000-word report on “the Promised Land“, prepared by the Church of Scotland ahead of its General Assembly claims that Jews have no religious or moral right to establish the so-called “Jewish State” in Holy Land due to their mistreatment of Native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. The report...
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    Ahmadinejad’s Ghana visit irks the Zionist world

    Two weeks ago, Iran’s out-going president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad paid a two-day visit to Ghana which caused quite a furore. Zionist ambassador Sharon Bar-Li was the first to jump into the ring. She warned Ghana rulers to be very careful of hob-knobbing with someone who is fighting with the West...
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    EXILE – The Jewish Myth Unearthed

    “I long ago (starting in Hebrew school when I was 12) came to the conclusion that most if not all of Jewish “history” is mytho-history – not just the stories in Genesis et all, which were lifted from various cultures in and around the Fertile Crescent – from Uruk, Babylon, Assyria, Ninevah etc...
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    Jews glorify Thatcher for her support for Israel

    “Thatcher said once that she thought she probably had more constituents in Tel Aviv than in Finchley”. The British and western leaders and media has turned former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher (1979 to 1990) into a world heroe for her blind support for the Zionist entity and British...
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    US irked by UNHRC report on Israel

    On Monday, Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, Obama’s Zionist ambassador to Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) refused to speak during UNHRC members’ debate over Israel’s illegal Jewish settlements in its occupied West Bank. The meeting was called to debate a January special report on Jewish...
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    Syria: ‘Victim of Zionist-funded religious sectarianism’

    Last June, the US-Israel-Turkey-Saudia funded Syrian rebels used a explosive-laden car to attack the shrine of Syedina Zainab (as) daughter of Hazarat Ali ibn Talib, the fourth righteous Khalifa of Islam, near city of Damascus. The suicidal attack injured 14 Shia pilgrims and damaged a portion...
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    What Jews would like the new Pope to do

    As a former student at a Catholic Mission and an independent student of the Christianity in the West, I came to the conclusion long time ago that its leaders are judged not by how they serve their religion – but how they serves the state of Israel. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Pope...
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    NBC mocks Jesus (as) Again!

    The NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live (SNL)‘ in its recent skit written by its all Jewish writers team (Chris Kattan, Seth Adam Meyers, Maya Rudolph, Andy Samberg, Rachel Dratch, and Rob Schneider), has mocked Jesus (as) again. Watch the video below. The top management of the National Broadcasting...
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    Kerry’s message to Kenya misses President-elect’s name!

    Ahmed Isaac Hassan, Chairman Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission ( IEBC), declares Uhuru Kenyatta duly elected President of Kenya after he garnered 50.07 per cent of votes cast. Yesterday, John Kerry, US secretary of state, sent a message congratulating Kenyans for voting peacefully...
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    Pope Benedict XVI and the ‘Gay Factor’

    Pope Benedict XVI in his last Sunday mass told his faithful that they had not seen last of him. He assured them that he was retiring from Papacy, but not from the Vatican. Orginally, Benedict had claimed that he was retiring due to his old age and bad health. However, there are rumors which...
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    ‘Five Broken Cameras’: The film Israel hates

    Emad Burnat, Palestinian director of a documentary film ‘Five Broken Cameras’ along with his wife Soraya and their 8-year-old son Gibreel were detained for two hour at the LAX airport on arrival from Turkey on February 20. Burnat is in Los Angeles for Sunday’s Academy Awards, where the film he...
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    Turkey: ‘Sleeping with the Devil in Syria’

    Yesterday, Russia accused United States for justifying terrorism by blocking a draft UN Security Council statement condemning the recent suicide bombing in Damascus, carried out by the anti-Assad rebels who’re trained, funded and supported by the “Friends of Israel” (the US, UK, France, Germany...
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    Syrian shot down two Israeli drones

    On Wednesday, Syrian Mayadeen TV claimed that Syrian army shot down two of the seven Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which entered Syrian space from the Golan Heights along Syrian-Lebanese border. The drones were shot down over the village of Deir al Ashayer, 15 miles West of Damascus and...