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    What happend with this Basalt Block that was uncover under the sand in Egypt?

    Better question. Where is this coming from? Obviously machine cut slabs!
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    [Bombshell!] OMG!!!!! Someone totally blocked half the sun out. But check it out right before they did!!!

    OH my gosh, is there life on the SUN???? Why would they cut half the sun? The other day, it was just a strip, today's it's half cut. LIKE ??? That so looks like a Demon dog and some kind of demon angel with wings, or some naked person in the middle leaning on the sun dog. Looks like he's got...
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    Medical Breakthrough: Cut finger grows again

    Medical Breakthrough: Cut finger grows again. Friday, May 15, 2009 YouTube - Rapid Cell Regeneration Source: youtube
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    Loose Change the Final Cut