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    The Cute Factor

    Thought this was cute, kind of reminds me of little kids when they're caught doing something wrong. Hope you all enjoy.
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    [Must Watch!] Another moment of cute: via courtesy of our animal friends

    for all of us caught up in the really heavy stuff going on in the world today, take a break and watch a couple of really cute videos courtesy of our animal friends.
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    [Video] Too, too Cute Cute level index 10

    I just saw this featured on the news ( at least they're good for something), thought this was just way too cute not too share, we needed it. :)
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    [Video] Way cute thought I'd share

    I ran across this video and thought that this was cute and funny. Thought I'd share. Unfortunate they didn't have a way to embed. Here's the link. Kitten
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    Motherly Love in animals

    Motherly Love in animals Thursday, November 12, 2009 Puppies, kittens and sheep are so sweet and cute. But the young of wild animals look cute. Even their mothers look a lot better with their babies. Therefore here are some pictures today that the mother's love of there offspring shows...