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I just saw this featured on the news ( at least they're good for something), thought this was just way too cute not too share, we needed it. :)


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This IS cute, and I'm glad I watched it. THIS is what's right with the world. I LOVE how the mom shows her pup how to go down the stairs. :) I see LOVE in that video. :)


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Sorry Internet took a break on me for a little bit. :frown:

It is heartwarming to see animals with their young. It's one thing to see this and another way especially dogs (cats do to, but they're a little more like some of us I guess they like their me time I'm a little more experienced with cats but have respect for dogs as well) but dogs really have a way of showing their love for you.

Have you ever watched a mother duck and her chicks. Where we used to live when my friend lived there for 15 years her apartment was located within the view of a lake. (her husband wanted it that way)Well ducks make pretty decent mothers too despite, the hatching part. never knew that before I moved in their spare bedroom, we'd sit on the patio and watch was really cute to watch them. :)
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