Overheard It's a beautiful day the small man said from behind me and I could tell he had a slight limp from the rasp of his boot against the sidewalk and I was slow to look at him because I've learned to close my ears against the voices of passersby, which is easier than closing them to my own...

    The Man

    said he had been painting since three or four a.m. and because I did not know whether he was painting a house (I didn't think so but you never know) or painting inside the house as in a studio his own I decided to ask him: and I asked him with some excitement because I secretly hoped he would be...
  3. Denise

    Right Now(October 11th 2011) is the final eighteen days of the Mayan Calendar

    Welcome to the 7th Day of the Mayan Calendar! Right now is the 1st day of the final Day of the Mayan calendar. This is actually the final portion (Days and Nights made up of Eighteen days) of the 26 thousand year Mayan Calendar.
  4. L

    Where is Day?

    Hello all. I know Day and have not heard from her for awhile. Does anyone know anything or her whereabouts? Thanks
  5. Unhypnotized

    Seven million people refuse to fill in UK census on census day

    This made me laugh, seven million folks, 25% of the households in the UK ignored the intimidation practices and threats of fines not to fill out the census on census day. Got to be an undoubtedly excellent indicator of folks beginning to awaken...
  6. H

    Interesting Research - Blinded By Science

    For those like me who are interested in the Moon, I've come across some research that you may find interesting. You may already know that blind people have a 24.8 hour day rhythm and have trouble sleeping. Could this be true for others who have trouble sleeping too? Do we all have this...
  7. Unhypnotized

    How the Japan Earthquake Shortened Days on Earth March 14, 2011 The massive earthquake that struck northeast Japan Friday (March 11) has shortened the length Earth’s day by a fraction and shifted how the planet’s mass is distributed. A new analysis of the*8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan has found that the intense temblor has...
  8. M

    Is to much information making people paranoid?

    Chances are that every second person you meet thinks, the government is hiding something. I'm not saying it's not true, but it doesn't always effect our day to day lives as much as we would think. Living in the age of high speed information do you think we are losing our ability to discern fact...

    Fare of the Day: Miami, FL to San Francisco, CA

    Fare of the Day: Miami, FL (MIA) to San Francisco, CA (SFO) $158 RT, including all taxes on United airlines, codeshared with Continental. 330-day travel period, allthough availability is scarce in certain months so you must be flexible with dates. 14-day advance purchase restriction...
  10. V

    natural medicine

    Dear Friend my mother having problem in kidney failure. we taking treatment in alopathy but they can not give full support for my mother and day by day my mother increasing worst condition. Is it available any medicine to avoid dialysis. i heard one medicine d-swan from hong Kong it will cure...
  11. CASPER

    Happy Birthday

    Today's Birthdays Instrumedley have a great day today
  12. CASPER

    Happy Thanksgiving Day

    From All the Staff of Unhypnotize we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day to All our Members here.....may God bless all of you and your Families...
  13. CASPER

    Spider Webs in the Garden?

    Here’s a video I found of someone with similar complaints that this was after a day of lots of chemtrails. Chemtrails over Miami
  14. CASPER

    Natural Way to Soothe Postworkout Aches

    Take the "ouch" out of workouts by cooking with this spicy little root: ginger. A new study shows that getting ample amounts of ginger every day could help decrease postworkout muscle pain by up to 25 percent. "G" Is for Ginger In the study, participants took about half a teaspoon of raw or...
  15. funbunz29

    [Wow!] hello all!

    sorry wizzard i couldn't reply to u yet waiting for u to accept me first. ty everyone for having me on the forum site i will try my best from my teachers it will take me a while but willing to learn. have a nice day! : D funbunz
  16. Unhypnotized

    freedom of press? Sam Dodson's "Camera" Trial - Day 1

    Day one of the trial of Sam Dodson, as seen on July 31, 2009. He is accused of holding a camera in the District Court lobby against judge's orders
  17. CASPER

    The Address Book

    The Address Book When it came to the deaths of friends, my mother's practice was to x out their names in her address book. I draw one diagonal slash, as if the name, address, phone numbers all were a mistake; then in the lower right, an afterthought or postscript or correction: one last date...
  18. D

    happy turkey day......

    just wanted to say happy thanksgiving day......:laugh:
  19. Unhypnotized

    "Crescent Earth from the Departing Rosetta Spacecraft"

    :mfr_omg: Is this awesome, or what? Astronomy Picture of the Day 2009 November 23 Here's the link:
  20. Unhypnotized

    $1,000 Per Day for Overgrown Lawn in Florida

    Bill DiPaolo Palm Beach Post November 17, 2009 JUPITER — An overgrown lawn could cost a homeowner $1,000 a day. A plan to quadruple the penalty from the current maximum of $250 per day for a first violation is scheduled for consideration at Tuesday night’s town council meeting. A repeat...