The Man


said he had been painting
since three or four a.m.
and because I did not know
whether he was painting a house
(I didn't think so but you never
know) or painting inside the house
as in a studio his own I decided to
ask him: and I asked him with some
excitement because I secretly hoped
he would be infected by my enthusiasm
would want to talk would show me his
art and I would show him mine (I don't
show hardly anyone): he did not seem
taken aback but seemed cold or maybe
mildly threatened then too it was pretty
early in the day when I asked him the few
times I have unexpectedly bumped into him
during the day in this town or in the next
he seems to always be friendlier at ease
with me as I probably am with him: there
isn't any time for a secret there or for
a hidden agenda which could cast a shadow
this way and that for a good long period.