1. New UFO Hunter

    If we down at least one UFO we'll be facing an interstellar war - Former Defense Minister of Canada

    Video of interview: "If we down at least one UFO we'll be facing an interstellar war - Former Defense Minister of Canada" RT SophieCo
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Documents Reveal "Chemtrails" Originated at Department of Defense

    Fascinating article that ties together the theory that one particular reason for chemtrails was to create a ionized atmosphere used with the HAARPs to aid with radar detection of enemy submarines. This was than use as a base for other geo-engineering projects to be produced. Documents Reveal...
  3. R

    Israel: Let’s replay the ‘S-300 hoax’ against Iran

    As result of the delay in American military attack on Syria, the Jewish-controlled MSM decided to replay one of the several “existential” threats to the Zionist regime – the Russian sale of S300-based air defense system to Iran. On September 11, Jewish daily Haaretz and Jerusalem Post, reported...
  4. Truth Vibrations

    Japanese ministry of defense flying spheres

    Do you think they will use this to spy on us some more?
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Russia discloses Alien - X-Files of Soviet Defense Ministry exposed

    This is major news in Russia as well as authentic new from Pravda a large Russian news agency. X-Files of Soviet Defense Ministry exposed 21.02.2013 Source:
  6. New UFO Hunter

    UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE by Canadian Minister of Defense

    Published on Jun 1, 2013 Hon. Paul Hellyer - Minister of National Defense Testified knowing of 4 Alien races actively visiting Earth.
  7. New UFO Hunter

    Did the Russian Just Admit to Contact With Alien Civilization, It Appears So!

    According to this new information the Russians have known about alien civilizations for several decades, to many this comes as no surprise, there have been rumors floating around for many years. Well respected military and government scientist have been trying to speak out on this issue for...
  8. Truth Vibrations

    Internet Defense League - Project to protect the freedom of the Internet

    Here is a project I just found out about its called the Internet Defense League There site is here:
  9. Denise

    Defense Against the Psychopath (Full length Version)

    Uploaded by shaolinmountainbike on Dec 14, 2010 Defense Against the Psychopath is a documentary excerpted from chapter one of my book; The Art of Urban Survival. Teaches people how to recognize and defend against our society's most dangerous predators, psychopaths. Source:
  10. Denise

    Inside 9/11 - Hijacking the air defense

    This film contains a short summary of the publicly available - but still widely unnoticed - evidence for a supposed attempt to obstruct the air defense on September 11th, 2001. Source:
  11. Rumas

    Inside 9/11 - Hijacking the Air Defense

  12. R

    Exercise to test aerospace response over Washington

    Exercise to test aerospace response over Washington May 17th, 2009 in Breaking News Aerotech News and Review — Your news source for Aerospace, Military and Defense, Technology, Events and more — Defense News. The North American Aerospace Defense Command will conduct an exercise over the...