1. Amaterasu

    A Planetary Solution: The End of Entropy

    Because this addresses so many topics here - Economy / Currency, Technology / Science, Freeman-On-The-Land / Sovereign, HAARP / Ionospheric weapons, Illuminati / Secret Societies / Cults, Eye Openers, and a few others - I figured NWO rather covers them all. And so, without ado, The End of...
  2. Unhypnotized

    Very Important. Know your rights In this video a Freeman-On-The-Land is interviewed by a Police Constable. The video shows the Freeman separating himself from the legal fiction (Straw Man). The Nett result is that the Police Constable is interviewing the Birth Certificate which represents the Straw...
  3. M

    Becoming more of this

    As you guys already know from my intro and various posts on here that you know were I'm coming from on this. Have no clue how to become more of freeman-On-The-Land.
  4. Rumas

    A tribute to Robert-Arthur: Menard Freeman-on-the-Land

    There is only 3 ways to break the law: 1) Harm another human being 2) Damage someone else property 3) Use fraud or mischief in your contracts That's the only way to break the law! If asked for ID, ask this: Are you willing to claim under full commercial liability that I have an obligation to...
  5. Rumas

    Notice of intent / Claim of Right

    If you have ever wondered what these claims look like or how to go about writing one up here is a blank version of one based on Ontario Canada. be advised you will no longer have a last name after submitting this . ex . if your name is JOHN DOE SMITH in the blanks where your name goes it will...
  6. Rumas

    A Freeman-on-the-Land - Luke-Michele: Denis

    LukeDenis1.mpg Luke-Michele: Denis, A Freeman-on-the-Land in Calgary Alberta shares his story of what happened in court when he went there to deal with some matters. An informative examination of the administrative procedure and howto make it work for you
  7. Rumas

    Demockery - Robert-Arthur: Menard

    From Freeman-on-the-Land Robert-Arthur: Menard An examination of de facto power, TASER usage, obstruction of justice and our remedy against a growing police state
  8. Rumas

    Security Of The Person Small - Robert-Arthur: Menard The New work from Freeman-on-the-Land Arthur:Robert Menard examines the meaning of the term security of the person and how it relates to your relationship with the government...