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Truth feeder

In this video a Freeman-On-The-Land is interviewed by a Police Constable. The video shows the Freeman separating himself from the legal fiction (Straw Man).

The Nett result is that the Police Constable is interviewing the Birth Certificate which represents the Straw Man / Legal Fiction. In other words he has to ask the questions of the Piece of Paper as the Human Being cannot speak for the piece of Paper.

The outcome of this was the Director of Public Prosecutions decided that it wasn't "in the public interest" to prosecute in this matter.

I think in reality it was more likely that they looked at the statement from the piece of paper and realised that there was no way they would ever get the Human Being into a court.

Please note that this video is NOT a reflection on the Police Constable in the video - he acquitted himself and is a credit to himself. If only all Police Officers were more like him.