herbal medicine

  1. Denise

    "Grow Your Own Drugs"

    "Hit UK series on how to grow and make your own herbal remedies""
  2. Unhypnotized

    Global Effort To Outlaw Vitamins Now Underway

    Mike Adams Natural News Friday, December 31, 2010 (NaturalNews) The global effort to outlaw herbs, vitamins and supplements is well under way, and in just four months, hundreds of herbal products will be criminalized in the UK and across the EU. It’s all part of an EU directive passed in...
  3. Unhypnotized

    Europe to ban hundreds of herbal remedies

    Jeremy Laurance London Independent Thursday, December 30, 2010 FLASHBACK: Associated Press – Prescription drug reactions kill more than 100,000 Americans a year Hundreds of herbal medicinal products will be banned from sale in Britain next year under what campaigners say is a “discriminatory...
  4. Unhypnotized

    Experts: Placebo power behind many natural cures

    By MARILYNN MARCHIONE, AP Medical Writer Marilynn Marchione, Ap Medical Writer – Tue Nov 10, 3:16 pm ET EDITOR'S NOTE: Ten years and $2.5 billion in research have found no cures from alternative medicine. Yet these mostly unproven treatments are now mainstream and used by more than a third of...
  5. Unhypnotized

    Vaccine revolt! Swine flu vaccine support crumbles as flimsy rationale for H1N1 shots

    Mike Adams Natural News Monday, Oct 12th, 2009 Public support for the swine flu vaccine is evaporating by the day as the rationale for the vaccine appears increasingly ludicrous to anyone paying attention. Moms, nurses, day care workers and members of the general public are increasingly...
  6. R

    What is shamanism

    What is shamanism Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Shamanism believes that everything has a soul, people, trees, animals, stones and so on. Everything is connected to everything, everything is equal and everything is part of the Great Spirit. The origins of shamanism Shamanism is of all times...

    Taking Medicine During Pregnancy

    While some medications are considered safe to take during pregnancy, the effects of other medications on your unborn baby are unknown. Therefore, it is very important to pay special attention to medications you take while you are pregnant, especially during the first trimester, a crucial time of...


    he first sign of cholera may be mild diarrhoea. This is followed by sudden violent purging. Stools are loose, watery and nausea and vomiting The stools are loose, watery, and greyish-brown in colour. Diarrhoea is usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Feels very thirsty, restless and...