1. New UFO Hunter

    Evidence that Apollo images are manipulated

    This time I made a video about manipulation of Apollo images by NASA. I will show you solid proof that some photos downloaded from NASA's websites are not what they seem to be. I found hundreds of (heavily) tampered pictures so this is just a very small number.
  2. Unhypnotized

    Hundreds of dead fish appear in Glen Ellyn pond (Chicago)

    A pond in Glen Ellyn has become overrun with hundreds of dead fish. Neighbors first noticed the floating fish carcasses a few days ago in a pond called Maryknoll in a small subdivision just east of 355. Read more here:,4993823.story
  3. day

    Hundreds of thousands of anchovies wash ashore

    Unexplained Beaching: Hundreds of thousands of anchovies wash ashore in Japan (December 26, 2009) OAMISHIRASATO, Japan- Hundreds of thousands of dead anchovies have created a nasty stink on the Kujukuri-hama coast of Japan's Chiba Prefecture, officials said. The fish were buried in the sand...

    Pig's Heaven Inn

    Pig's Heaven Inn Red chiles in a tilted basket catch sunlight— we walk past a pile of burning mulberry leaves into Xidi village, enter a courtyard, notice an inkstone, engraved with calligraphy, filled with water and cassia petals, smell Ming dynasty redwood panels. As a musician lifts a small...
  5. R

    Hundreds of thousands march in French protests

    March 19th, 2009 in Breaking News, Economic Crisis Hundreds of thousands march in French protests. PARIS (Reuters) – Hundreds of thousands of people across France Thursday began protests expected to draw at least a million demonstrators to the streets to denounce President Nicolas Sarkozy’s...