Hundreds of thousands of anchovies wash ashore


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Unexplained Beaching: Hundreds of thousands of anchovies wash ashore in Japan (December 26, 2009)

OAMISHIRASATO, Japan- Hundreds of thousands of dead anchovies have created a nasty stink on the Kujukuri-hama coast of Japan's Chiba Prefecture, officials said. The fish were buried in the sand Friday by government workers, but the stench lingers, residents told The Japan Times. The anchovies washed up Wednesday, covering nearly 2,000 feet of beach in the town of Oamishirasato. Fish sometimes wash up onto beaches when they are chased into shallow water by large schools of fish, said Michio Ishida, a spokesman for Chiba Prefecture. "It seems lots of (anchovies) are swimming offshore now because we saw many birds flying over the sea. We hear that schools (of anchovies) sometimes wash onto shore after being chased by a large fish. But we don't know the cause this time," Ishida told the newspaper. The Japan Times