1. 100th Monkey

    "Mark of the Beast": Bilderberg Pushes Mandatory Internet ID for Europe

    Aaron Dykes May 23, 2012 While the international ACTA treaty and United States’ CISPA legislation are setting the stage to clamp down on the world wide web, technocrats are working overtime to try to pin down your identity and make sure all your activities are thoroughly...
  2. Denise

    Nearing an Important Milestone ~ Greg Giles ~ February 8, 2012

    Message from the Ashtar Command 2/8/12 One thing your universal group needs to achieve here at this time is the reconciliation of past relationships with other universal groups. This is one area of this endeavor that is rarely discussed, but we feel this is very important for you to become...
  3. Denise

    How to spot an Internet Trolls Overview

    This can be a short video concerning internet trolls, what their agenda is, and how you can spot one.
  4. Denise

    Filter Bubbles: Internet Shows Us What It Thinks We Want To See

    Good Ted talk here
  5. Boiling Frog

    Facebook's privacy policy is stealing your cookies!!!

    Is Facebook's privacy policy's hand is in your cookie jar? For all of us that do not pay attention to Facebook's never standing still privacy policy, it's got new worrying revisions. Possibly the most startling of the modifications to their internet "privacy" statement is the method Facebook is...
  6. Rumas

    Denmark Police Propose Ban On Anonymous Internet Use

    'Imagine if the police knew exactly what you do online: All the porn sites you scan secretly, the vitriolic comments you leave on blogs, the number of hours you spend playing Farmville. In Denmark, police have recommended to Parliament that it create laws that make it impossible for citizens to...
  7. Unhypnotized

    What Google and Facebook are Hiding

    "Eli Pariser of the progressive organization MoveOn says the Internet is hiding things from us, and we don't even know it. In this TED Talk he calls out Facb, Gog. and other corporations who are transforming the Internet to suit their corporate interests." I like this!

    Security forces pull back in Libyan city

    After three days of fierce crackdowns on anti-government protesters, the military retreats. Internet service has been cut off in Libya as protesters step up demonstrations against longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi, according to a U.S. company that monitors Internet traffic. Massachusetts-based...
  9. Truth Vibrations

    Egyptian tweets foil Internet blocks While the Internet is still effectively shut down in Egypt, more and more social media users are finding a way to get online and get their messages across.
  10. Unhypnotized

    Egypt’s Internet Kill Switch: Coming To America

    Steve Watson Friday, Jan 28th, 2011 In response to widespread protests and mass unrest, the authoritarian Egyptian government has completely shut down the country’s access to the internet, eliminating the use of social networking websites, other effective tools of...
  11. Unhypnotized

    Photos Posted On The Internet Can Be Tracked With Embedded Gps Coordinates

    Hello, incase you don't already know your posted photos on the internet can be tracked with a accuracy of 15 feet:
  12. U

    Internet Medicines?

    How many of you consider Internet medicines trustworthy? There are many who consider it deceiving. Do you prefer it over your Pharmacist prescription?
  13. Unhypnotized

    Tunisian Wikileaks Putsch: CIA Touts Mediterranean Tsunami of Coups

    Webster Tarpley January 17, 2011 The Arab world needs to learn a few fundamental lessons about the mechanics of CIA color revolutions, lest they replicate the tragic experience of Georgia, Ukraine, and so many others. The US intelligence community is now in a manic fit of...
  14. Unhypnotized

    Copyright infringement bill could bring the FBI to your intranet

    Kevin Fogarty IT World Thursday, November 25, 2010 A senator from Oregon has threatened to block a copyright enforcement bill that would give U.S. law enforcement the right to shut down Web sites without trial or defense if it finds the central reason for the site is to distribute copyrighted...
  15. CASPER

    Crop Circles: Food for Thought, and Tourism

    Conspiracy theorists and advertisers aren't the only ones to profit from the continuing mystery, either. Summer crop circles have become popular tourist attractions in some corners. "We get tens of thousands of people coming to the U.K. each year just to look at them," Alexander said. And the...
  16. Unhypnotized

    The secret code in U.S. Cyber Command's logo The newly formed U.S. Cyber Command is supposed to centralize and focus the military's ability to wage war over the Internet, but so far it's basically famous for brainteasers. The command's fancy logo contains a super-secret code in its...
  17. Unhypnotized

    US voices ‘concerns’ over Australia’s internet filter

    Bonnie Malkin London Telegraph March 29, 2010 The US government has voiced concerned over Australia’s controversial plan to implement a countrywide internet filter. Washington is worried about the impact of proposal, which would force internet service providers to block offensive material...
  18. day

    Computer and Internet History - what we may see in the future

    An overview of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California
  19. Unhypnotized

    The CIA and NSA Want You to Be Their Friend on Facebook Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 Don’t break out the foil, the U.S. News & World Report article states, because the spooks are telling you up front, here we are. Oh sure. What this shit-for-brains article doesn’t explore is how many hundreds or thousands of full time, professionally...
  20. CASPER

    US oil industry hit by cyberattacks: Was China involved?

    Houston – At least three US oil companies were the target of a series of previously undisclosed cyberattacks that may have originated in China and that experts say highlight a new level of sophistication in the growing global war of Internet espionage. The oil and gas industry breaches, the...