Conspiracy theorists and advertisers aren't the only ones to profit from the continuing mystery, either.

Summer crop circles have become popular tourist attractions in some corners. "We get tens of thousands of people coming to the U.K. each year just to look at them," Alexander said.

And the phenomenon shows no signs of abating. "This year I think we've had more crop circles in the U.K. than just about any year I can remember," she added.

Not that the U.K. has a monopoly: Crop circles have shown up in at least 52 countries in recent decades, including Australia, China, Germany, and Russia.

To that list, you can now add cyberspace. Asked about the today's crop circle motif, a U.K. spokesperson for the software company could offer no explanation.
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I dont know why but my opinion is that these are all hoaxed, Idk I have to see it to believe it