1. New UFO Hunter

    Titan's 'Magic Island' Rose Then Vanished Mysteriously

    Perhaps it a space and not a real island? Full Story: Titan's 'Magic Island' Appeared Mysteriously From the Depths : Discovery News
  2. New UFO Hunter

    Frederick Valentich's Bizarre Case UFO Story

    This is a very creepy UFO story! Source: Kidnapped by Aliens: The Pilot Who Vanished During Close Encounter - Who Forted? Magazine
  3. R

    Madagascar, Israel and the Organ traffickers

    On October 2, two Europeans suspected of human organ trafficking were burned alive by the residents on the island of Nosy Be. Nosy Be is an island off the tip of mainland Madagascar and is a major attraction for Israeli and European tourists for its turquoise waters and white-sand beaches. Last...
  4. Truth Vibrations

    Belize cops hunt McAfee software founder

    AAP November 13, 2012 Police in Belize are looking for the founder of the software company McAfee Inc to question him about the death of another US citizen, his neighbour in an island town on the Caribbean. Spokesman Raphael Martinez says John McAfee was the neighbour of 52-year-old Gregory...
  5. White Rabbit

    The Easter Island “Heads” Have Bodies

    The Easter Island “Heads” not only have bodies but they are presumed to be 60,000 years old. Maybe this isn’t a newsflash to anyone but me, but, um, the Moai “heads” on Easter Island have bodies. Because some of the statues are set deep into the ground, and because the heads on the...


    Island Rash of the harbor lights in the mountain region. Night, he says, is the dark humor of the day— first you are scared but by the sunrise I'll get you laughing. My head, thrown back in laughter, has bought me more than...
  7. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Buzzes Military DHC plane at air show, Island off Chile, Sept 3, 2011

    Date of sighting: September 3, 2011 Location of sighting: Juan Fernandez Island, Chile Eyewitness states (translated from Spanish): "On Sept 3, 2011 a strange object was flying over the Air Base Season (FACH) when a aircraft DHC-6 Twin Otter began to come in for it's final approach to the...

    Western press largely overlooks heroism of lesbian couple in Norway massacre

    As Norway continues to grapple with the attacks by a home-grown extremist that killed 77 people last month, one couple, who moved to help young people fleeing from gunman Anders Breivik, is getting a bit of belated recognition. Hege Dalen and her wife, Toril Hansen, were eating dinner on July...

    Whales stranded in New Zealand refloat themselves

    WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Sixty-six survivors of a pod of 80 pilot whales that beached in New Zealand freed themselves and swam back to sea during a high tide, rescuers said on Saturday. Fourteen of the pod were unable to be saved and had died, Conservation Department spokeswoman Trish Grant...
  10. CASPER

    Aswan, Egypt

    Aswan, Egypt The Nile is at its most beautiful in the Egyptian city of Aswan, its residents boast. The city is also a gateway to Nubian culture. Nubian musicians and dancers perform there in floating restaurants and you can visit the Museum of Nubia, which chronicles a history now buried...
  11. Unhypnotized

    1973 intelligent prehistoric being found frozen near AAD Heard Island Antarctica

    This looks fake! More info here
  12. CASPER

    Turtle Island, Fiji

    Turtle Island, Fiji This super secluded retreat only allows 28 guests at once; a perfect escape from the paparazzi. For C$2100 a night, stars enjoy being waited on by a staff of 100, lobster and champagne picnics on the beautiful white sand beaches, and horseback riding. There are 14 beaches...