Madagascar, Israel and the Organ traffickers


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On October 2, two Europeans suspected of human organ trafficking were burned alive by the residents on the island of Nosy Be. Nosy Be is an island off the tip of mainland Madagascar and is a major attraction for Israeli and European tourists for its turquoise waters and white-sand beaches. Last year, over 255,000 tourists came to the island.

One of the dead was a French citizen according to France’s foreign ministry. As result, it has warned its 700 citizens in Madagascar to avoid all travel within the country and asked those planning to travel there to delay their trip.

The British and French colonists offered several countries (Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda, Patagonia (Argentina), etc.) to solve Europe’s so-called “Jewish Problem”. However, Theodor Herzl was convinced that European Jews would never agree to move to those God-forsaken places. So, he chose the mythical ‘Holy Land’ (Palestine) to entice Jews to make aliya.

Madagascar has many closer links to Jewish history. Most of the Jews arrived to the island under the protection of French colonists. Professor Adam Rovner (University of Denver), in an article published by Jewish MOMENT magazine (May/June 2009) had claimed that according to a local “legend people of the island are descended from the Lost Tribes”. Rovner also claimed that Etienne de Flacourt, the island’s French governor had confirmed the Jewish roots of the local people in 1658.

“I’m an American-born, naturalized Israeli citizen and sometimes I think it might have been better had Herzl dreamed of a Jewish state in a place less embattled than the Middle East. That’s why I am so curious about this would-be promised land that, at least until a recent military coup, was a relatively pacific republic in the Indian Ocean,” wrote Adam Rovner. I bet hundreds of millions of Jews, Christians and Muslims would agree with the good-old Jewish professor.

The military coup, Rovner has mentioned – installed a pro-Israel President Andry Rajoelina. In January 2013, Rajoelina visited Tel Aviv and held meetings with Israeli president Shimon Peres and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He also visited the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. See photo of Rajoelina at the Wailing Wall here.

Madagascar’s police and security services are armed and trained by Israeli forces. Therefore, the Israelis behind the organ harvesting, which has reached to its highest levels since Rajoelina took power, would never get mentioned.

Israelis, no doubt, are on the top when it comes to human organ harvesting. Alison Weir, an American writer and blogger, posted on her blog: “It’s difficult to know how often Israeli trafficking involves outright theft of vital organs from living human beings“.

Readers can find more on Israeli crimes in this field, here, here, here and here.

The population of Madagascar is little over 22 millions. Almost half of country’s people follow traditional faith and practice circumcison like Orthodox Jews and Muslims, and the other half follow Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Iran’s Ba’ahi sect. There are less than 100 local Jews in the country. Islam was brought to the island by Indonesian migrants. The current Muslim population of Madagascar is estimated to be over 10 percent.

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