Aswan, Egypt


Aswan, Egypt

The Nile is at its most beautiful in the Egyptian city of Aswan, its residents boast. The city is also a gateway to Nubian culture. Nubian musicians and dancers perform there in floating restaurants and you can visit the Museum of Nubia, which chronicles a history now buried underneath the waters of Lake Nassar.
You can also take a trip to Elephantine Island, one of the most ancient locations of human civilisation in Egypt. Temples, gardens and ruins dating back to the predynastic period are only a few of the sights on the island worth seeing.


Aswan is the beautiful and ancient city of Swenett and Aswan market is a busy market and tourist centre located just north of the Aswan Dams on the east bank of the Nile at the first cataract. The name of the city also is said to be derived from the Egyptian symbol for trade.