1. New UFO Hunter

    Richard Hoagland on Coast for first 2 hours...Tue 20th feb 2012...Space Update..

    Richard Hoagland on coast for two hours of comments and speculation::
  2. New UFO Hunter

    Barack Obama traveled to Mars

    This is interesting but is it true? By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd Two former participants in the CIA’s Mars visitation program of the early 1980’s have confirmed that U.S. President Barack H. Obama was enrolled in their Mars training class in 1980 and was among the young Americans...
  3. White Rabbit

    NASA Whistleblower: (Sacked for Telling Truth) Alien Moon Cities Exist..!

    14 September 2011 Former National Aeronautics and Space Administration Data and Photo Control Department manager, Ken Johnston, who worked for the space agency's Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the Apollo missions has been fired for telling the truth. Johnston asserts NASA knows astronauts...
  4. Unhypnotized

    Bad News from NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth

    Source This is going to be the most extraordinary communication so fasten your seatbelts; we are in for a rough ride. I have known in my heart for months that I would have to make a communication like this but had no idea it would be this...
  5. Lady of Light

    check the ELENIN Orbit Diagram yourself

    ELENIN Orbit Diagram NASA courtesy, JPL Small-Body Database Browser, C/2010 X1 (Elenin);cad=0#orb Alignment(ELENIN-EARTH-SUN) date: 2010/Feb/27 M8.8 earthquake in Chile 2010/Sep/04 M7.0 earthquake in New Zealand 2011/Mar/11 M9.0 earthquake in...
  6. Unhypnotized

    Large Asteroid to Pass Near Earth in November

    The U.S. space agency, NASA, says an asteroid measuring 400 meters in diameter will pass the Earth within the orbit of the moon in November, giving scientists their best opportunity so far to closely observe a space rock this large. Asteroid 2005 YU55 is classified as a potentially...
  7. Unhypnotized

    There Is No Comet Elenin – It’s A Brown Dwarf ‘Nibiru’

  8. Unhypnotized

    Jay Weidner - "Kubrick's Odyssey & The Brotherhood of Saturn" by Red Ice Radio

    Jay Weidner is a renowned author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar. He is the producer of the documentary films, "2012 The Odyssey", its sequel "Timewave 2013" and "Infinity; The Ultimate Trip". Jay joins us to discuss his latest film "Kubrick's Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the films of Stanley...
  9. Unhypnotized

    Comet Elenin, C/2010 X1

    From this report and information from: If I understand it right, It shows its trajectory to be closest to earth on 16th and 17 of October 2011 at 0.24 AU Physical Parameter Table Parameter Symbol Value Units Sigma Reference Notes comet...
  10. New UFO Hunter

    Mars Rover Captures UFO Base On Mars.

    Currently at the NASA website Mars Rover photo gallery, two images, ‘Spirit Front Hazcam 2169‘ have been removed by NASA. Authentic NASA Mars Rover image shows extraterrestrial structures, spaceship, on Mars? NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit recorded this fisheye view with its rear...
  11. Unhypnotized

    Gigantic Storm With Huge Tail Erupts on Saturn

    By Dave Mosher December 27, 2010 4:00 pm An enormous storm has erupted in Saturn’s northern hemisphere. Amateurs first sighted the storm earlier this month, but the Cassini spacecraft moved into a good position on Dec. 24 to photograph it from...
  12. Unhypnotized

    Base On Mars? Bizarre NASA Mars Exploration Rover Photo December 2010

    Authentic NASA Mars Rover image shows extraterrestrial structures, spaceship, on Mars? Photo is from the Rear HazCam of the Spirit Rover. Posted on the JPL/NASA Website. No official description or explanation that I can see. Very odd.
  13. CASPER

    Download full size image Mars Curiosity Rover To Get Rock-zapping Laser

    Posted on: Thursday, 23 December 2010, 06:35 CST A rock-zapping laser instrument on NASA's next Mars rover has roots in a demonstration that Roger Wiens saw 13 years ago in a colleague's room at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. The Chemistry and Camera (ChemCam) instrument on the...
  14. CASPER

    Cassini Provides New Dramatic Views Of Saturn's Rhea

    Newly released for the holidays, images of Saturn's second largest moon Rhea obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft show dramatic views of fractures cutting through craters on the moon's surface, revealing a history of tectonic rumbling. The images are among the highest-resolution views ever...
  15. Unhypnotized

    Quick, somebody slap a carbon tax on this new planet

    Watts Up With That? Dec 11, 2010 NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope Reveals First Carbon-Rich Planet Signature of a Carbon-Rich Planet This plot of data from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope indicates the presence of molecules in the planet WASP-12b — a super-hot gas giant that orbits tightly...
  16. New UFO Hunter

    NASA, JPL Scientists Among First to Endorse Billy Meier UFO Photos

    Playa Del Rey, CA, October 12, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio / Vocus) Recently published information from Gary Kinder’s Open Letter to the UFO Community shows that among the stellar scientists and experts who first found for the authenticity of Billy Meier’s UFO photos, films and other...
  17. Unhypnotized

    Ancient Plane Crash Wreckage Found On Mars By Nasa?

    Ancient Plane Crash Wreckage Found On Mars By Nasa? Here is a picture right off of the NASA JPL photo site. This one is alleged to show a tail section from a crashed plane or some sort of aircraft. There are so many pics being found all through out the NASA archives these days that show...
  18. R

    Mystery object in starburst galaxy M82 possible micro-quasar

    Mystery object in starburst galaxy M82 possible micro-quasar The object in M82, which appeared very suddenly in radio wavelengths and shows no signs of going away, does not appear to be like anything that has been seen in the Milky Way. Provided by Royal Astronomical Society, U.K. Spitzer...
  19. CASPER

    NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer eye spies near-Earth asteroid

    NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spotted its first never-before-seen near-Earth asteroid, the first of hundreds it is expected to find during its mission to map the whole sky in infrared light. There is no danger of the newly discovered asteroid hitting Earth. WISE discovered...
  20. CASPER

    Scientists declare Spirit a stationary research platform

    After 6 years of unprecedented exploration of the Red Planet, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit no longer will be a fully mobile robot. NASA has designated the once-roving scientific explorer a stationary science platform after efforts during the past several months to free it from a sand...