1. W

    [Welcome!] Hello

    Hello, I am very new to this kind thing,yes I am nervous. Go easy with me, Wilf:cold:
  2. Denise

    A Quote On Love!

    -- Henry T. Laurency
  3. 2

    [Rant] Kind of concerned (apartment)

    Don't know if this exactly qualifies as a rant or not, maybe kind of, a concern. I believe I've mentioned we have a new owner here at this place, where we are kind of stuck, due to this being a transient state and majority of landlords charging 1st last and security, and not being able to...
  4. 100th Monkey

    Danny Hillis: The Internet Could Crash. We Need a Plan B

    The Internet wasn't designed for this kind of scale.
  5. retrodynamic

    * Hi everybody, its fun to be here at this great FORUM

    * Hi everybody, its fun to be here at this great FORUM. I am a individual designer and I post at World News - science and technology forum, about a new kind a turbine engine project. Adios amigos. :adoration:
  6. New UFO Hunter

    Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind

    "War of the worlds - The invisible Battle"
  7. Denise

    TV tricks of the trade

    TV tricks of the trade -- Quotes and cutaways Source: I'd no clue this kind of chicanery went into creating a television show.
  8. Unhypnotized

    C-SPAN CEO: White House Has Allowed Only ‘One Hour’ of Health Care Coverage Thursday, January 7, 2010 “We were used as kind of a political football during the campaign.” Source...

    Not That Great of an Evening

    Yeah I went to the talk, and the reception. Yeah I went to the dinner, and the party. It was not a terrible evening. It was okay. I don't think I did anything especially stupid. But I feel kind of crummy. Not wretched, you know, but just kind of lost or left over— like I'm the little cup of...