[Rant] Kind of concerned (apartment)


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Don't know if this exactly qualifies as a rant or not, maybe kind of, a concern.

I believe I've mentioned we have a new owner here at this place, where we are kind of stuck, due to this being a transient state and majority of landlords charging 1st last and security, and not being able to afford moving in general. Just the feeling of being stuck.

Anyway the new owner has been fixing things up, first the plumbing pipes into the apartment had to be replaced. Now taken out all the foliage that was in between the two buildings and just left the grounds with the small white rocks there, no grass, and the most recent the small, parking lot. The newest tenants to move in have a brand new smacking energy efficient airconditioner, we have an energy hog dated 1998, the only "lucky" tenants to have such a unit, that makes the so-called budget billing from the power company look like a joke. We battled roaches brought in from the neighbor, for over a year. We even found some in fridge but no, to a request for a newer a model, (still working, don't you know) Our other neighbor who finally moved said the former maintenance were cleaning out the other one's apartment and offered her some of the left behind stuff, she walked in and saw a roache's nest in the corner shaped like a beehive, and walked out and would not accept anything. Oh, yes the new owner gave us on-site maintenance. Catch only speaks Spanish.

Our lease will be up shortly, and I'm really concerned that the rent will be increased. The rent we are paying now is killing us along with the "budget billing" from the power company. There are a couple of extenuating problems we've never been able to address we're not using anything like what we've been unable to get straightened out right now anyway, but really should've been taken care of awhile back, and not having this would prevent us from leaving.

The new owners are not very communicative, we just found out they were doing the parking when the guy came and asked if we had any car out there to move. So, yes I'm worried, we can't be as mobile as we'd like to be.

I guess there's a reason for this newest worry, but there always seems to be something.
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