A Quote On Love!


"Human love is always marred by some kind of egoism, by the wish to possess. The “love divine” is the experience of all life’s inseparable unity that can never be lost. Anyone who has perceived unity has experienced a kind of happiness different to the human kind: to be able to give and only to give and to forget oneself in giving and serving. After that he cannot do anything else. He wants to, has to love. He lives to love.

Love knows no limitation. He needs no motive for loving. It finds love revealed everywhere. The power of inexhaustible love fills the mind that is willing to let itself be filled. Love needs no proof of god’s existence, for it sees the godhead of love in everything. How could god be anything but love? Anything that were not love would be incompatible with his nature.

Love knows no bargaining. It does not desire, does not envy, is not angered, does not seek its own ends. It is not repelled by anything. It is attracted to everything and itself attracts everything. Love never ceases.

Anyone who has experienced this love, does not love for his own or someone else’s sake, but because everything is included in unity, everything is unity. In everything that arouses our yearning and in which we delight, unity is revealed. In everything that we feel drawn to − whether things, animals, or men − it is unity that was the real cause of the attraction, acting in us and in everything, so that we become able to love and be loved."
-- Henry T. Laurency